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Chopper is players' choice as the top man

Iain Jenkins, Joe Mbu, Gareth Wardlaw, John Armstrong, Darren McGregor, Paul McQuade, Danny Lennon

John Armstrong named top player by his teammates

Annual awards spread around the squad in fans vote

Central defender John Armstrong, runner-up to Darren McGregor last season, has been chosen as "Player of the Year" by his teammates and received the Eric Mitchell Trophy at the annual presentation of prizes held in Wee Jimmies.
It completed an eventful day for "Chopper" who had earlier captained Cowden in the last game of the League programme only to be sent off before the interval. A former loan signing from Hearts,  Armstrong has been a consistent performer in the Cowden rearguard and the announcement of the award raised a huge cheer.

There was a fine turnout for this gala evening hosted by David Allan on behalf of the Supporters Club and Danny Lennon, Iain Jenkins and the players were all in attendance. 
David thanked Danny and all the lads on behalf of all Cowden fans for the great enjoyment and pleasure they had provided in 2009/10.  Cowden fans (more than most) are a vociferous, demanding bunch but all they really ask is that the team play for the jerseys.  
Ally that to the skilful, clever, attacking play we’ve witnessed this year then that's a great formula.  No matter the final outcome this season, the fans are very proud of Danny and his team – the best Third Division side the Second Division has ever seen! 
The annual trophy presentation then took place and the prizes were distributed as follows:
Supporters Club Player of the Year (Central Fife Times Trophy) 1,  Joe Mbu 2,  Gareth Wardlaw 3, John Armstrong. 
Supporters Club Young Player of the Year (John Finlay snr Memorial Trophy).  1, Dene Droudge 2,  Scott Linton 3,  Jon Robertson.
Players' Player of the Year (Eric Mitchell Trophy).  1, John Armstrong 2,  Joe Mbu 3, Davie Hay and Darren McGregor.
Fans' Player of the Year (Junction Bar Trophy) 1,  Gareth Wardlaw  2, Joe Mbu, 3,  Darren McGregor)
Top League Goalscorer (Hookey Leonard Trophy).  1,  Gareth Wardlaw 19, 2, Paul McQuade 13, 3, Scott McBride 6.   
Best Individual display (The Pollock Shield).  1, Darren McGregor at Brechin 3-3, 2, Gareth Wardlaw at East Fife 2-2), 3 equal,  Dene Droudge v East Fife (h) 6-2); Joe Mbu at Arbroath  1-0; Gareth Wardlaw v Stirling Albion (h) 3-3). 
Goal of the Season (One Stop Mortgages Trophy).  1 Paul McQuade (his second goal in 4-0 home win v Brechin City), 2, Darren McGregor (v Brechin City 4-0), 3 Jon Robertson (v Peterhead 5-0). 
There was a huge number of quality goals nominated this season – we were spoiled for choice. Other nominations included:  Gareth Wardlaw v East Fife (2-2 late equaliser), John Dempster (3-1 defeat at Brechin), Darren McGregor goals v Brechin (a) and East Fife, Gareth Wardlaw v Alloa (1-1) and Stenhousemuir 1-0, Paul McQuade v Clyde 3-1, Scott McBride v Dumbarton 3-0, Jay Stein free kick v East Fife, Jay Stein 1-0 v Clyde, and finally Mark Baxter’s unusual use of his anatomy to score at Dumbarton. 
Supporter of the Year (Lord Ewing Shield sponsored by the BLCC) -  Dublin Supporters Club.
Manager Danny Lennon then took the mike to thank all the fans on behalf of himself and his players for the wonderful backing the supporters had given this season. 
He acknowledged the challenges that lay ahead for the club and the fans but underlined he and the players were behind the fans all the way in their aims to take the club forward. 
They are also all committed to giving their all to try and realise the goal of First Division football.  Danny was also pleased to see so many different players had been recognized with awards and indeed indicated his relief that this year Davie Hay hadn’t won one! 
Davie, though, quickly hit back to remind all and sundry that he had indeed been named Player of the Year by our Dublin Supporters Club this season. 

Cowdenbeath FC 2009/10


Gemmell bags the big one!

Fans favourite John Gemmell

But Darren's displays earn him three prestigious awards from the Cowden fans

Star defender Darren McGregor deservedly collected three main awards  at the Cowdenbeath Supporters Club annual Player of the Year function  held at Bar 39 but was pipped for the  prestigious "Central Fife Times" Cowdenbeath Player of the Year trophy by leading scorer John Gemmell.
Darren took the highly-prized Players’ Player of the Year prize as well as the Online Player of the Year, and Fans’ Player of the Year but big John took the principal award after a tremendous season.
Supporters of the year were  John Cameron and Aaron Tuson.  John has been a Cowden fan since the 1960s.  He was on the Committee of the Junior Supporters Club in the Sixties, organised the Supporters’ buses back then when he was just a teenager (plus the occasional Supporters train), helped build the boundary wall at Central Park in 1970 and in recent years raised a five-figure sum for the club via Blue Brazil lottery sales. 
Teenager Aaron Tuson has already served on the Supporters Club committee for several years.   This season he helped along with other volunteers pre-season with the painting work at Central Park and then worked unpaid in the club’s office for several months.  Recently, he has been one of the mainstays in running the club shop every matchday. 
Following a suggestion by life member Ian Fraser, the Supporters Club also decided to honour any Cowden player who made over 100 appearances for the club.  Davie Hay and Mark Baxter were first to be so honoured and were presented with plaques and were also both awarded Life Membership of the Cowdenbeath Supporters Club. 
Manager Danny Lennon took the microphone to thank all the supporters on behalf of himself and the players for their loyal support throughout the season even when things did not work out as desired towards the end. 
Here is the full list of honours from the event. 
Supporters Club Player of the Year (Central Fife Times Trophy) – 1 John Gemmell, 2 Joe Mbu, 3 Marek Tomana.  Recent past winners were: 2008 Davie Hay, 2007 Liam Buchanan, 2006 Markus Paatelainen, 2005 Darren Gribben, 2004 Bryan Gilfillan, 2003 Davie White, 2002 Graeme Brown, 2001 Davie White, 2000 Graeme Brown, 1999 Scott Snedden, 1998 Craig Winter, 1997 Barry McMahon, 1996 Sammy Conn, 1995 Brian Malloy, 1994 Willie Callaghan.
Supporters Club Young Player of the Year (John Finlay snr Memorial Trophy) – 1 Danny Mackay, 2 Paul McQuade, 3 Kenny Adamson.  Recent past winners were: 2008 Mark Ramsay, 2007 Pat Clarke, 2006 Liam Buchanan, 2005 Calvin Shand, 2004 Liam Buchanan.
Players' Player of the Year (Eric Mitchell Trophy) 1 Darren McGregor, 2 John Armstrong and John Gemmell and Paul McQuade and Davie Hay.  Recent past winners were: 2008 Davie Hay, 2007 Dougie Hill, 2006 Markus Paatelainen, 2005 Innes Ritchie, 2004 Innes Ritchie.
Fans' Player of the Year (Junction Bar Trophy) – 1 Darren McGregor, 2 Joe Mbu/Paul McQuade/Davie Hay/Mark Baxter.  Recent past winners were: 2008 Dougie Hill, 2007 Dougie Hill, 2006 John Ward, 2005 Innes Ritchie, 2004 Innes Ritchie.
Top League Goalscorer (Hookey Leonard Trophy) – 1 John Gemmell 12 goals, 2 Paul McQuade 10 goals, 3 John Armstrong/John Dempster/Brian Fairbairn five goals.  Recent past winners were: 2008 Pat Clarke, 2007 Liam Buchanan, 2006 Liam Buchanan, 2005 Darren Gribben, 2004 Dene Shields. 
Best Individual display (The Pollock Shield) – 1 Davie Hay (0-0 game at Albion Rovers), 2 Davie Hay (1-1 draw v Dumbarton), 3 Joe Mbu (v Stenhousemuir) and Brian Fairbairn (v East Stirling).  Recent past winners were: 2008 Denis McLaughlin, 2007 Pat Clarke, 2006 Armand One, 2005 Paul McHale.
Goal of the Season (One Stop Mortgages Trophy) – 1 Kenny Adamson (v East Stirling), 2 John Gemmell (overhead kick v Albion Rovers), 3 Paul McQuade (v Montrose).  Recent past winners were: 2008 Pat Scullion, 2007 Pat Scullion, 2006 Mikko Paatelainen, 2005 Darren Gribben, 2004 Bryan Gilfillan.
Supporter of the Year (Lord Ewing Shield sponsored by the BLCC) -. John Cameron and Aaron Tuson.  Recent past winners were: 2008 Jimmy Scade and Willie Nellies, 2007 Andy Mullen and David Allan, 2006 Ron and Sandy Ferguson, 2005 Willie Anderson and Jack Gilmour, 2004 Tom Ogilvie.

Blue Brazil Online Player of the Year – 1 Darren McGregor (8 man of the match awards), 2 John Gemmell (5 awards), 3 Joe Mbu (3 awards).  Recent past winners were: 2008 Davie Hay, 2007 Liam Buchanan, 2006 Davie Hay.
Blue Brazil Online Young Player of the Year – 1 Paul McQuade, 2 Danny Mackay, 3 Kenny Adamson.  Recent past winners were: 2008 Jon Robertson, 2007 Pat Scullion, 2006 Mark Baxter.
Blue Brazil Online Fans' Player of the Year – 1 Davie Hay, 2 Darren McGregor, 3 Paul McQuade.  Recent past winners were: 2008 Dougie Hill, 2007 Laurie Ellis, 2006 Markus Paatelainen.

Gordon - the best Cowden chairman of all

Cowden legend Gordon McDougall

The reign of Gordon McDougall as chairman of Cowdenbeath came to  an abrupt end when he stepped down from his role on July 1, 2008.


One of the longest-serving chairmen in Scotland, Gordon  sold the club to a group of property developers but was retained as club chairman on a lengthy contract.


That arrangement ended on July 1 when he relinquished the vital role and brought to an end one of the best spells in Cowden's history.


Gordon said it was  irreconcilable differences with new general  manager and team boss   Danny  Lennon as his reason for quitting before the end of his contract and was quick to stress his decision had nothing to do with the sacking of manager Brian Welsh. 


"Certain things happened behind the scenes which made it impossible for me to continue as chairman as long as  Lennon was manager.


"I decided enough was enough and felt I was left with no option but to quit. My only  regret is that I won't be at Central Park to see if the talented youths make the grade.


"We had a great bunch of lads assembled over several years by Brian Welsh but some will now be leaving the club which is a great pity.


"Finally I would like to thank everyone who helped me bring some success to the club during the last 18 years."


Gordon's stewardship as chairman saw  three promotion-winning sides and the first championship trophy triumph in 67 years.


He also transformed Cowden from a debt-ridden outfit which was £350,000 in the red into a profitable club with an outstanding youth set-up. 


Around 20 staff, mainly family and friends both paid and unpaid volunteers, also ended their official association with the club once news of Gordon's premature departure was revealed on this site on July 1.


Treble tops for Davie Hay!


Three awards for The Cat,

Dougie Hill collects a trio of fans' awards as well


Cowdenbeath Supporters Club Annual Awards


Cowdenbeath Player of the Year (Central Fife Times Trophy) – 1.  Davie Hay, 2.  Dougie Hill, 3.  Bryan Gilfillan.


Players’ Player of the Year (Eric Mitchell Trophy) – 1.  Davie Hay,  2.  Dougie Hill, 3  Mark Ramsay.


Fans’ Player of the Year (Junction Bar Trophy) – 1.  Dougie Hill, 2.  Davie Hay, 3.  Mark Ramsay.


Young Player of the Year (John Finlay snr Memorial Trophy) – 1.  Mark Ramsay, 2.  Paul McQuade, 3.  Kenny Adamson/Pat Scullion.


Lord Ewing Shield for Supporter of the Year (sponsored by BLCC) – Jimmy Scade & Willie Nellies.


The Pollock Shield – Best Individual Display of the season – 1.  Denis McLaughlin (4 goal feat at Berwick), 2.  Dougie Hill (at Hampden v Queens Park), 3.  Davie Hay (v Berwick at Shielfield).


Goal of the Season (One Stop Mortgages Trophy) – 1.  Pat Scullion (v Alloa away), John O’Neill (v Gretna), 3.  Mark Ramsay (at Berwick)/John Armstrong (at Ayr).  Chris Fahey of Raith Rovers was voted fifth! 


Hooky Leonard Trophy for top goalscorer - still to be awarded. This award goes to the leading scorer in League matches – Cup goals are used as the decider – thus Pat Clarke leads at present due to his two Cup goals despite Denis McLaughlin also scoring 6 in the League. Denis needs at least one play-off goal to overtake Pat while John Dempster and Paul McQuade are still in the running)  Current leaderboard - 1.  Pat Clarke 6 (8), 2.  Denis McLaughlin 6 (6), 3.  John Dempster 5 (5), 4.  Paul McQuade 4 (4).


Dublin Supporters Club


Dublin Supporters Club Player of the Year – Dougie Hill


Blue Brazil Online awards


Blue Brazil Online Player of the Year – 1.  David Hay (7 man of the match awards), 2.  Dougie Hill (5 man of the match awards), 3.  John Armstrong & Bryan Gilfillan (4 man of the match awards each).


Blue Brazil Online Young Player of the Year – 1.  Jon Robertson, 2.  Jamie Reid, 3.  Scott Linton.


Blue Brazil Online Fans' Player of the Year – 1.  Dougie Hill (3 Player of the Month awards),  2.  Mark Ramsay (2 Player of the Month awards), 3.  David Hay, John Armstrong, Bryan Gilfillan and Pat Clarke (1 Player of the Month award each


Blue Brazil Blockbuster winner - Carol Grant.

Cowden open with a draw


Cowden battled back to return with a 1-1 scoreline from Arbroath on Wednesday night but only after a tremendous tussle against the Third Division side.


Few fans in the 638 crowd at rain-lashed Gayfield  would disagree the fact that  Arbroath should have been at least 2-0 ahead at half-time, being denied only by an unbelievable point-blank block by keeper Davie Hay and a brilliant goal-line headed clearance by  Pat Scullion.


Shot-shy Cowden continued to struggle after the break and it was no surprise when Arbroath went ahead through a Watson free-kick which burst through the Blue Brazil defensive wall at the second attempt.


Although Cowden moved up a gear it took another magnificent save by Hay to keep the score at 1-0. Then boss Brian Welsh decided to put on Dundee loan winger Scott Gates and his introduction transformed the whole game.


Gates tormented and teased the Lichties defence and at last Cowden were in command of the game and came close  to equalising several times.


However, it took a piece of footballing magic from star stopper Dougie Hill to produce an equaliser. He played keepy-uppy as he waltzed through the Arbroath defence and they took the only possible option by hacking him down for a penalty.


Dougie's ecstatic celebrations BEFORE the spot-kick was taken will live long in the memories of the Cowden fans there and fortunately Pat Scullion capped the joy by ramming home the penalty.


It was all Cowden after that but a draw was an acceptable outcome with the return leg of the semi-final at Central Park on Saturday and, if successful, Cowden will entertain the winners of the Stranraer v Montrose semi-final at Central Park on Wednesday with the final decider away on Saturday, May 10.



Victory denied by Broonie


Cowden seem certain to be  involved in the relegation play-offs despite ending their dismal run of home defeats by drawing 1-1 against Alloa Athletic at Central Park on Saturday.


The Blue Brazil maintained their recent improved form and deservedly took the lead when a powerful header from sub John O'Neill created an opening for Paul McQuade and the young striker finished the job in style.


A long overdue home victory seemed on the cards until the closing minutes when former Central Park star Graeme Brown rolled in the equaliser. Even worse was the news that fellow strugglers Queens Park had beaten Peterhead.


Cowden's season-long injury jinx continued as Bryan Gilfillan, Mark Ramsay and Paul McQuade all limped off injured.


The Blue Brazil face promotion contenders Airdrie United and then champions Ross County - both away from home - on the next two Saturdays before wrapping up their regular season against Queens Park at Central Park.


Back to winning ways


Battling Cowden recorded a magnificent 3-2 victory over relegation  rivals Queens Park at a rain-swept Hampden on Tuesday night to keep alive the dream of avoiding the play-offs.


For once, Lady Luck smiled on the Blue Brazil as the home side scorned several golden chances to score. Even better, a defensive blunder handed Cowden winger Scott Gates a clear-cut opportunity to open the scoring and he bundled the ball over the line at the second attempt.


Three minutes later the 60-odd Cowden fans were celebrating again when a John Dempster header was diverted into the net by Paul McQuade from point-blank range.


The interval arrived with Cowden fans still unable to believe their luck but the second half was a different story as confidence oozed through the whole side.


Unfortunately they failed to finish off some fine play and the inevitable happened as the ref allowed play to continue with Bryan Gilfillan lying in a heap on the halfway line and the ball reached the unmarked Ferry who tapped it home.


Gilfillan was subbed off and next casualty was star defender Dougie Hill  who was cynically taken out by a late tackle and did not see young Denis McLaughlin calmly fire Cowden 3-1 ahead after several openings were squandered.


Hill played out the game as a limping striker and although Queens scrambled home a second goal by Quinn, the Cowden youngsters - marshalled by Pat Scullion - held on to collect a well-deserved win bonus and a standing ovation from the faithful fans.


Cowden must now produce another winning performance against Alloa Athletic at Central Park on Saturdat to keep the dream alive.


'Reserves' lose out in derby


Injury-ravaged Cowden put up a brave fight before eventually losing out 3-2 in  a hard-fought derby encounter against Raith Rovers at Starks Park on Saturday.


Boss Brian Welsh gave a first start to new signing Chris Shanks as well as youngsters Denis McLaughlin, Dene Droudge and Scott Linton. But Cowden soon found themselves with a mountain to climb when they conceded two goals inside two minutes through Goodwillie and Davidson.


However, they were thrown a lifeline before the interval with another howler from Raith keeper Chris Fahey, who threw a loose ball into his own net despite being under no pressure whatsoever.


Cowden took heart from the bloomer and their attacking play paid off with a deserved equaliser in 62 minutes when Paul McQuade, just on as a sub, slid the ball home after a surging run from Scott Gates split the Raith defence wide open.


Chances fell at both ends but it was the home side who collected all three points with a winning goal from Ian Davidson, despite the efforts of impressive young defender Dene Droudge to keep the ball out.The Blue Brazil, battling to retain their Second Division status, now face League leaders Ross County  in Dingwall on Tuesday night before meeting  fellow strugglers Queens Park at Hampden on Saturday.


Crunch game beaten by weather


Cowden's crunch match against Queens Park was called off once more on Tuesday night. The combination of gale-force winds and torrential rain would have turned the relegation play-off encounter into a lottery and few fans would have disagreed with the decision to call off the Central Park fixture. The match has been re-arranged for Tuesday, March 18, kick-off 7.45pm.


The Blue Brazil, battling to retain their Second Division status, have still to  face fellow strugglers Queens Park three times but now start a daunting run of four away trips in 11 days.


A tough start in Kirkcaldy for th Fife derby on Saturday is followed in quick succession with away fixtures against Ross County, Queens Park and Berwick. 


The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club's next away trip is to Kirkcaldy for the vital derby clash v Raith Rovers this Saturday.  The bus will leave at 1.45pm from Central Park.   Fares are standard £6, OAP/youth £4 & Family £8.  There will be a pick up in Bank Street, Lochgelly and drop off at the Beveridge Park Hotel, Kirkcaldy for refreshment purposes.  We ask all fans to  support our club at this crucial time of the season.  Reserve your place by e-mailing David Allan at daallan6754@aol.com or phone 01383 724000.


Cowden's run of bad luck continued as they slumped to a 4-0 defeat by Peterhead at a gale-swept Central Park on Saturday.


With six top-team players out of action through injury, boss Brian Welsh was again forced to rely on his youngsters although Bryan Gilfillan was able to resume in the heart of the defence.


Despite booking the advantage of the  blustery gale, Cowden turned in a poor performance in the first half, their closest effort coming from keeper Davie Hay whose clearance had to be tipped over the bar by his counterpart Michael Kula.


Even worse, Cowden went 1-0 down before the interval when Kenny Adamson's attempted headed clearance beat his own keeper to gift a goal to the visitors.


Referee Steven Nicholls ended Cowden's hopes of victory when he lost the plot early in the second half.


Firstly he awarded a  ridiculous free-kick to Peterhead at the edge of the Cowden box even although it was Gilfillan who had to be helped off for treatment.


Nicholls showed his yellow card twice in quick succession at Blue Brazil defenders before Bobby Mann smashed the ball into the net. Gilfillan returned to the field only to be accosted by the petulant ref who flashed a total of three yellows and a red at the bewildered defender.


Youth team player Dene Droudge came on for his senior debut and did exceptionally well even although Ian Good and Martin Bavidge added to the Peterhead tally before the end.


Only other bright spot for Cowden on a dismal day was the impressive debut of young striker Denis McLaughlin, on loan from Hearts.


Double disaster for Cowden


The Blue Brazil suffered a sickening 3-2 defeat after a horrendous final seven minutes against Alloa Athletic at Recreation Park   on Saturday.


Cowden were in command with a 2-1 lead after 83 minutes when the roof fell in on Brian Welsh's side.


An unintential handball by Dougie Hill gifted the hosts an undeserved penalty converted by Ferguson. Alloa were then reduced to ten men when Agnew walked for his second bookable offence but they still managed to snatch a last-gasp winner  through Scott.


The game ended on an even lower note for Cowden when star defender Dougie Hill was stretchered off with a serious ankle injury.


It just wasn't Cowden's day as both John Armstrong and John Dempster were ruled out through injury although new loan signing Scott Gates made his debut on the left wing.



Following a hard-fought - but goalless first half - Andrew opened the scoring for Alloa soon after the restart but Cowden responded with two quick counters.


Sub Stephen Manson netted with his first touch of the ball when he steered a Dougie Hill header past the keeper. Manson then released Mark Ramsay down the right and his tempting cross was smashed into the net by teenager Gates.


Davie Hay kept Cowden in front with an astonishing save from a free-kick and Cowden seemed certain to collect three precious points - until those fateful final minutes.


Cowden now occupy the relegation play-off spot and must start collecting points soon, starting with the home fixture against Peterhead on Saturday.

Airdrie edge out Blue Brazil


The Blue Brazil narrowly failed to snatch a draw they richly deserved and instead slumped to a 1-0 defeat against Airdrie Utd at Central Park on Saturday.


Pat Scullion almost shot Cowden into an early lead when he drove against the post inside the first minute and Airdrie keeper Stephen Robertson made a wonder save when the rebound was slammed towards the goals.


The game remained tight until just before the interval when The Diamonds claimed they had opened the scoring but the referee and standside linesman disagreed, ruling that the ball had not crossed the line.


Diamonds were given a golden opportunity to take the lead just after the restart when Mark Ramsay was adjuged to have tripped an Airdrie striker just inside the box. Cowden keeper Davie Hay came to his side's rescue with a fine stop from the spot-kick.


The visitors finally made the breakthrough when Stuart Noble controlled the ball in the box and hammered it into the roof of the net past Hay.


The Blue Brazil, without injured John Armstrong and suspended Jay Shields tried everything to grab a deserved equaliser and had the best chance of the match when Stephen Manson teed up Paul McQuade inside the box but he failed to connect with the goal gaping.


Boss Brian Welsh threw on subs David Bingham, Martin McBride and John Robertson but the Airdrie defence held firm until the final whistle.

Supporters bus to Alloa
The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club's next away trip is to Alloa on Saturday when the bus will leave at 1.15pm from Central Park.

Fares are standard £8, OAP/youth £6 & Family £12.  The arduous 28 mile journey will be broken with a refreshment stop at a hostelry in
Clackmannan!  Non-members pay an extra £2 fare for each trip.
Reserve your place by e-mailing David Allan at daallan6754@aol.com or phone 01383 724000.

New dates for fixtures


The Blue Brazil's game against Berwick Rangers, postponed on Saturday because of a frozen pitch, has  been rearranged for Tuesday, March 11, four days before they meet again at Central Park.


Cowden's other delayed trip - to Dingwall to face League leaders Ross County - has been pencilled in for the previous Tuesday, March 4.


Brian Welsh's side visit Kirkcaldy, Dingwall, Hampden and Berwick in the first eleven days of March. 


The home fixture against Queens Park will go ahead at Central Park on Tuesay, February 26, and that means three of Cowden's next four matches are scheduled for Central Park, starting with Airdrie United on Saturday.

County handed gift goals


Cowden gift-wrapped three points to League leaders Ross County as they slithered to a 4-2 defeat at a rainswept Central Park on Saturday.


Two own goals - the first after only 20 seconds - left Cowden a mountain to climb but they turned in a below-par performance.


John Armstrong headed in the early own goal and then only seconds after Ross keeper Tony Bullock had pulled off a wonder save from a Dougie Hill piledriver, Dave Armstrong turned the ball into the Cowden net to make it 2-0.


Another defensive mix-up at the start of second half allowed Martin Scott to prod the ball past Davie Hay to make it 3-0.


Cowden at last came to life when top scorer Pat Clarke was subbed on with 20 minutes to go and scored with his first touch of the ball.


However another howler - this time from the normally reliable Davie Hay - allowed Andy Barrowman to tap in from two feet and it was game over, although John Dempster blasted in a second for Cowden in the last minute.


The Blue Brazil now travel south to face bottom club Berwick Rangers on Saturday.


Blue Brazil beat Brechin


Cowden scored their second successive league victory when they overcame Brechin City 1-0 at Glebe Park on Saturday.


Recent signing John Dempster was again on target when his first-half strike from the penalty spot eventually proved the difference between the sides.


The result enabled the Blue Brazil to leapfrog the Angus outfit and take them another step towards Second Division survival.


Cowden now tackle the high-flying league leaders Ross County at Central Park on Saturday.

Derby day defeat


New-look Cowden suffered a 4-1 defeat in the Fife derby match against title contenders Raith Rovers at Central Park on Wednesday.


Having freed several players in the past week including striker Scott Dalziel, Blue Brazil  boss Brian Welsh opted to give Cowden debuts to John Dempster and Stephen Manson.



However, it was not to be Cowden's lucky day, starting in the tenth minute when Sloan opened the scoring for Raith when play continued despite defender David Armstrong lying in agony.


Armstrong was stretchered off  with an ankle injury and was followed by Brian Gilfillan with a broken collarbone. Manson, too, was unable to resume.


Before that, however, Mark Ramsay, the best player on the park in the first half, had equalised with a textbook header.


Cowden were more than holding their own in the second half till yet another bad break came when Pat Scullion was shown a straight red after eyeballing Sloan who somehow escaped with a yellow.


Scullion's dismissal gave Raith an obvious boost and within ten minutes Hislop and Templeton had put them 3-1 ahead. Weir added a fourth near the end.


Another vital test faces Cowden when they entertain fellow relegation play-off candidates Ayr United at Central Park on Saturday.

Peterhead hold on to win


Cowden slumped to their third defeat in a row when they went down  1-0 at Peterhead on Saturday.


The Blue Brazil failed to take advantage when their opponents were reduced to ten men with half an hour to go and must now lift themselves for the New Year derby against local rivals Raith Rovers at Central Park on Wednesday afternoon.


Bagshaw scored the only goal of the match just after the interval but was soon ordered off but Cowden could not capitalise on their numerical advantage.


Cowden are now firmly back  into the relegation play-off dogfight but have a fair record against the league leaders.



Cowden games frozen off


The cold snap claimed another Blue Brazil fixture when their Boxing Day trip to Dingwall to face title contenders Ross County was called off on Christmas Day.


Freezing fog, an ice-bound pitch and sub-zero weather had earlier made it an easy decision to postpone Cowden's scheduled fixture against Queens Park at Central Park last Saturday.


Home fans will have to wait until 2008 to see their team in action again as the Blue Brazil travel to Peterhead on Saturday before facing Raith in the local derby on January 2.


Last week, Cowden crashed to a heavy home defeat and it was former Central Park hero Graeme Brown who did most of the damage as Alloa Athletic cruised to a 4-1 victory on Saturday.


Brown took full advantage of defensive blunders by the Blue Brazil to ram home a hat-trick and keep Alloa a single point behind the championship contenders.


Cowden boss Brian Welsh was forced to change his strike force after leading scorer Pat Clarke suffered an ankle injury in training.


Andy Howat deputised for Clarke while defenders Pat  Scullion and Kenny Adamson made way for John O'Neil and Martin McBride.


Alloa quickly cottoned on to Cowden's likeness for passing out of defence and capitalised on the unforced errors with goals from Brown and Ferguson before the interval.


Cowden dominated the game at times but another two goals from Brown made it a rout for Alloa.


McBride forced visiting keeper Jelleema into his first serious save in the 70th minute but the game was into the closing minute before Cowden collected a consolation goal, sub Pat Scullion nodding home a David Armstrong cross. 



Blue Brazil hit the buffers


Cowden's recent winning run hit the buffers in a blizzard at Airdrie on Saturday, the home side running out deserved  3-1 winners.


Apart from the non-stop snow, the waterlogged pitch was virtually unplayable but Airdrie showed greater willingness and ability to cope with the conditions.


The Blue Brazil, however, made a dream start with an overdue goal from Stephen McConalogue who slid in at the back post to crash the ball into the net after John Armstrong had powered through the puddles and fired across the face of the goal.


Airdrie struck back with an own goal (credited to McDougall) and a free header by Noble to earn an interval lead.


Cowden spurned a fantastic second-half chance to square matters when Mark Ramsay unselfishly set up Martin McBride but the sub drove the ball against the keeper.


Then a poorly-defended corner enabled Russell to wrap up the points for Airdrie who are looking like genuine title contenders.


Referee Finnie was as foul as the weather as far as Cowden fans were concerned as he went card-crazy, including top scorer Pat Clalke's fifth caution in the last sixth games.


After three succesive away games, Cowden - now lying  in sixth place -  return to Central Park on Saturday when in-form Alloa Athletic are the visitors.


Cowden go for fourth


Cowden travel to Airdrie on Saturday with the added incentive that victory would lift them into a promotion play-off spot. 


Boss Brian Welsh's side  extended their remarkable unbeaten run against Ayr United with a stunning 4-1 away victory on Saturday.


Alex Williams put the Somerset side in front midway through the first half but Blue Brazil midfielder Pat Scullion soon levelled the score with a brilliant header.


Both teams had chances to edge ahead before Cowden blasted Ayr with a quick-fire double on the hour mark.


Firstly central defender Dougie Hill netted his first counter of the season before ex-junior Mark Ramsay - signed from Dundonald Bluebell - scored his first-ever goal for Cowden.


John Armstrong did likewise with a 20-yard drive to make it 4-1 as Cowden continued their confident march up to fifth place.


The squad, under the expert guidance of Welsh and his assistants Danny Lennon  and Brian Hamilton, have tremendous spirit and no shortage of talent.


They now face yet another away game when they travel to Airdrie on Saturday. The Supporters bus will leave Central Park at 1pm.

Cup trip to Livingston


Lady Luck did not do the Blue Brazil any  favours when the draw for the next round of the Scottish Cup was made at Hampden on Thursday.


Cowden drew a difficult away trip to Livingston and the First Division outfit will prove a tough side to overcome.


The cup-tie is scheduled to be played on Saturday, January 12.


Top scorer Pat Clarke slotted home an early penalty to ease Cowden into the next round of the Scottish Cup after a ding-dong battle against Arbroath at a windy Gayfield on Saturday.


Less than five minutes into the game every one of the 595 people in the ground apart from referee Alan Freeland  saw Clarke clinically chopped down as he raced in on goal but justice was done when his standside assistant stood firm until the award was made.


The Arbroath culprit Jamie Bishop went unpunished but there was no hiding place for striker Paul Tosh who was dismissed for taking a swing at John Armstrong.


Armstrong was fielded in a midfield role as David Hannah commanded the central defence and Cowden completely controlled the game despite facing the gale. Martin McBride split the Lichties defence to send Clarke clear but the strikers effort shaved the wrong side of the post.


If Arbroath were fiercely competitive in the first  half, then the ten-man outfit were brutal after the interval and the first two challenges on Hay and Hannah warranted red cards.


Luckily they got what they deserved from their kick-on-sight tactics - a big fat zero. And, of course, the home club are sure to  be reported after a container was thrown on to the pitch near the standside linesman.


Indeed Cowden came close to doubling their advantage through Clarke and McConalogue but were eventually  content to run down the clock.


Cowden now  face two more away fixtures with League games at Ayr and Airdrie.

Martin makes sure


Cowden ground out a gritty 1-0 victory over relegation strugglers Brechin City at Central Park on Saturday.


Martin McBride, very unlucky not to score in the derby last week, struck gold this time with a textbook header which kept all three points at Central Park.


The gale-force wind ensured it was not the greatest of games but the Blue Brazil, inspired by the non-stop vocal backing from the Dublin supporters branch, showed tremendous spirit to hold on to their lead.


McBride's winner came just after the hour mark and the victory hoisted Cowden up into sixth place, a healthy eight points clear of the relegation zone.


Cowden now have a free week because of the Scotland v Italy showdown but then face  three away games to Arbroath, Ayr and Airdrie.

Derby defeat for Cowden


Cowden lost their first Starks Park derby since the days of Keith Wright when they went down 2-0 in the second showdown of the season against Raith Rovers on Saturday.


Blue Brazil boss Brian Welsh reshuffled his defence but his side shipped goals to Hislop and Goodwillie before half  an hour had been played.


The travelling fans stayed right behind their side and Martin McBride was unlucky not to score when his effort hit both bar and post after a shot was cleared off the line.


Second half Cowden brought on Kenny Adamson and Stephen McConalogue and battled in vain to reduce the leeway.


Pat Clarke had a shot cleared off the line and sub Andy Howat had a goal disallowed  but Raith deservedly  collected all three points.


Hill, Scullion, Gilfilllan and McBride were booked by a fussy referee who never entered the derby spirit. Four Raith players were also yellow-carded but not Marvin Andrews for a blatant handball.


Cowden now entertain relegation strugglers Brechin City at Central Park on Saturday.

Trip to Arbroath in Scottish


Cowden have been drawn away to Arbroath in the third round of the Scottish Cup. The Red Lichties are currently lying in fourth place in the Irn Bru Third Division and earned the right to meet the Blue Brazil thanks to a 5-0 demolition job on Elgin last Saturday.


The tie will go ahead at Gayfield on Saturday, November 24.


Meanwhile, Cowdenbeath Supporters Club is running a bus to Stark's Park on Saturday for Cowden's vital derby clash with Raith Rovers.   
The bus leaves Central Park at 1.45 and will pick up in Bank Street, Lochgelly en-route.
The team needs your support and you don't want to be posted missing given the drama last season at Kirkcaldy.   Fares are £6, £4 for OAPS/Juniors, and £8 for families.  Non-members pay an extra £2. Reserve your place by e-mailing David Allan at daallan6754@aol.com or phone 01383 724000.
Cowden paid the price for missing several early chances as they went down 2-0 to Peterhead at Central Park on Saturday.


It was the third time the Blue Toon had beaton the Blue Brazil this season and Brian Welsh's side have now slipped down to seventh place in the Second Division.


With skipper Mark Baxter and the four loan signings from Hearts ruled out through injury, Cowden were always going to be up against it although veteran playmaker John O'Neil returned to the side.


O'Neil was one of several Cowden players to test  Peterhead keeper Mike Kula who deflected quite a few efforts for corners.


However, he should have had no chance  when top scorer Pat Clarke twice went head-to-head with him. Even worse, fellow striker Stephen McConalogue missed from six yards with the goal gaping.


Cowden's defence, meanwhile, had already lost the points as Andy Bagshaw and Calum McDonald took advantage of blunders to put Peterhead 2-0 ahead after only 17 minutes.



Second half, Peterhead were content to pump high balls at Cowden who brought on Martin McBride, Andy Howat and debutant Mark Boyle in an effort to turn the tide.


However, it took two super stops from Davie Hay to keep the game alive but it definitely wasn't Cowden's day.


Ref Steve O'Reilly went mental with his yellow card, flashing it for harmless trips and 50/50 tackles but then missed the worst challenge of the game when Istead followed through on Kenny Adamson. A shocker which went unpunished while cards were shown for lesser offences by Cowden players Adamson, Anton, Clarke and Scullion.


The Blue Brazil now face the second Fife derby of the season when they travel to Starks Park for a showdown against Raith Rovers on Saturday.

Clarke clicks with hat-trick


A magnificent hat-trick from top scorer Pat Clarke blew away Berwick Rangers at Central Park on Saturday.


The 3-1 victory hoisted Brian Welsh's side into a play-off position - a tremendous achievement for the injury-ravaged squad.


Skipper Mark Baxter, John and David Armstrong and veteran playmaker were among the casualties as boss Welsh was forced to ring the changes.


And there was  further bad news when left-back Kenny Adamson was carried off with damaged knee ligaments.


In an entertaining first period Scott Dalziel hit the bar with a header but missed a sitter while a Bryan Gilfillan effort was headed off the line. However, at the other end Davie Hay denied Danny Swanson with a point-blank stop.


Hay again received the congratulations of his colleagues with a brilliant spot-kick save in the second half.


Then Pat Clarke at last broke the deadlock after good work by Chris Anton only to see Iain Diack equalise for Berwick who were down to ten men after Iain Thompson was sent off.


Then a quality cross from young Sean Mackle enabled Pat Scullion to beat keeper Gary O'Connor all ends up with a back-post header which Clarke buried as it crossed the line.


Clarke wrapped up the points with a strong left-foot shot from the edge of the box into the bottom corner.


The Blue Brazil now face another home fixture against Peterhead at Central Park on Saturday.

Clarke counter clinches win


Cowden have ended  a frustrating sequence of too many draws with an excellent 1-0 victory  over Queens Park at Hampden on Saturday.


It was Brian Welsh's team's first away win of the season and the three valuable points collected at Hampden enabled them to open up a healthy six-point cushion over the relegation zone.


Now the Central Parkers can look onwards and upwards as they attempt to close the three-point gap to the play-off group. Cowden now face home fixtures against Berwick and Peterhead.


After a pretty even opening period at Hampden, Blue Brazil striker Pat Clarke broke the deadlock six minutes after the interval when he slotted home a spot-kick.


It was Clarke's second strike in successive games since his comeback and he has now netted 20 goals since signing from Raith Rovers.


Another 1-1 draw


Cowden recorded the fourth 1-1 draw of their season when they entertained full-timers Airdrie United at Central Park on Saturday.


But it could so easily been a Blue Brazil victory as only a cynical last-minute foul by Marc Smyth on Cowden sub Bryan Deasley saved the Diamonds from defeat.


Smyth was deservedly sent off for flattening Deasley to deny the teenager a clear chance of slotting home the winner at the end of an entertaining game.


Boss Brian Welsh handed a debut to Irish youngster Sean Mackle - on loan from Hearts - while Dougie Hill, John O'Neill and Pat Clarke were all restored after injuries.


Clarke, in fact, took only six minutes to get on the scoresheet, rifling home past keeper Robertson after evading a couple of chances.


Keeper Davie Hay was in sparkling form as Airdrie hit back but in fact the best chance of the first half fell to Cowden midfielder Matt Doherty but his lob over the keeper came back off the crossbar.


Airdrie equalised through a Stuart Noble header early in the second half and it was game on!


Chances were created at both ends, perhaps the smartest being Clarke's cutback to Pat Scullion whose side-footer was somehow blocked on the line.


Several headed efforts, notably from sub Scott Dalziel and star defender Bryan Gilfillan, were inches away from clinching three points for Cowden.


Then, of course, there was that late opening created by Dalziel for Deasley only for him to  be chopped down as he left Smyth dead for pace.

Late goal is a real sickener


An equalising goal in the fifth minute of 'injury time' denied Cowden their first away victory of the season as they had to settle for a 1-l draw at Brechin on Saturday.


It was a sore one to take for the Blue Brazil as a deserved win would have lifted them into fourth place but once again they got little reward for a solid display, inspired by big John Armstrong who was immense at the heart of the defence.


Despite the advantage of the wind at their backs, Cowden made little headway with only one effort on target during the entire 45 minutes.


Granted, Stephen McConalogue should have scored when a Mick Galloway free-kick found him unmarked with an empty net gaping but his header cleared the bar.


Keeper Davie Hay kept the scoresheet blank with a super double save and Cowden took the lead in their next attack when McConalogue's lob over the keeper reached Matt Doherty who netted with a a diving header.


Cowden played better against the wind in the second period and then stepped up a gear when first Scott Dalziel and then Andy Howat were subbed on to give Brechin's central defenders something to think about.


Cowden created and missed several chances but seemed sure to win the game until the referee allowed play to continue for an extra five minutes.


Inevitably, Brechin were awarded a free-kick just outside the box and King was left with a straightforward task of steering the ball past the end of the defensive wall into the corner of the net.


Martin McBride is free from suspension

Supporters' Club latest

The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club bus to Brechin on Saturday will depart from Central Park at 12.15.
Prices will be standard fare £10, OAP/Junior £8, and Family fare £16.   Non-members pay an extra £2 fare for each trip.  Reserve your place by e-mailing David Allan at daallan6754@aol.com or phone 01383 724000

The Supporters Club would also like to pass on condolences on behalf of all its members and the Cowden support in general to the families of two of our veteran fans who both sadly passed away last week.
Jimmy Noble and Jack Gilmour travelled many a mile with us over many years and their presence both at the games and on the bus will be greatly missed. 
They were true Cowden fans who followed the club through thick and thin and enjoyed the cameraderie of the Central Park faithful.

Late double dumps Cowden


A spectacular 30-yard strike from midfield star John O'Neill rocked Premier side Gretna and earned Cowden a deserved interval lead in the CIS Insurance Cup tie played at Motherwell on Tuesday night.


However, a ridiculous free-kick awarded by notorious ref Brian Winter set up Barr's equaliser early in the second half  and Cowden were on the back foot.


The Blue Brazil defended confidently only to concede two late goals to make the scoreline 3-1 and deny the injury-ravaged side a deserved draw.


O'Neill, unfortunately, limped off soon after his wonder strike but the other comeback man, Davie Armstrong, lasted the full 90 minutes.


Needless to say, the Cowden contingent in the 342 crowd stayed behind to applaud their favourites off the park.


Cowden now face a tricky trip to Brechin on Saturday with midfielder Martin McBride available again after suspension.

Deasley hits derby winner


Young Bryan Deasley scored the only goal of the game as Cowden cruised to an easy win over derby rivals Raith Rovers at Central Park on Saturday.


The 1-0 scoreline hardly did justice to the Blue Brazil's superiority as they hit the woodwork four times and Marvin Andrews also cleared a net-bound effort off the line.


Cowden keeper Davie Hay, by contrast, was rarely troubled although he did have to save a dubious penalty, awarded by a linesman.


Deasley's winner came courtesy of a 'lost cause' chase by the tireless Scott Dalziel (pictured below) who swept a low ball across the goal for the teenager to stab home.


Deasley almost created a second before the interval but Raith keeper Renton blocked his effort only as far as Andy Howat whose side-footer smacked off the post.


Bryan Gilfillan made a majestic return 'home' to Central Park from Peterhead and along with his fellow defenders mopped up the endless supply of hopeful lobs pumped in by a poor side of full-timers. 


Raith rode their luck after the interval as they pushed men forward only to be caught out on the break by Cowden who were denied by the woodwork on several occasions.


Raith finished a well-beaten side as their fans made an early exit rather than see Cowden - who didnt have a failure in their line-up - celebrate another derby victory.


*A minute's silence was observed before the game in tribute to lifelong fans Jack Gilmour and Jim Noble who died recently.

Injury worries increase


Blue Brazil boss Brian Welsh has a substantial number of injury worries ahead of the first derby clash of the season against Raith Rovers at Central Park on Saturday.


Cowden held their own in the derbies against their full-time rivals last season, winning twice, but now have a mountain to climb against the unbeaten League leaders.


Club captain Mark Baxter has been laid low with a virus while star striker Pat Clarke wont be fit to face his former teammates.


Central defenders David Armstrong and Dougie Hill are also doubtful as is playmaker John O'Neil.


Cowden are still searching for their first League win of the season and it will require a supreme effort to topple Raith, odds on favourites with the bookies.


Admission to the game, incidentally, will be increased to £12 to cover extra policing costs.


*Cowden fans were saddened this week to hear of the death of veteran supporter Jim Noble of St Monans. A former maths teacher at Beath High School, Jim loved his football and for  many years was a season-ticket holder at both Central Park and Bayview.

Cowden share the spoils


Cowden battled back from a 2-0 deficit to earn a point against full-time Ross County at a rain-soaked Central Park.


The scoreline remained blank at the interval but County took the lead immediately after the restart when Barrowman shot high into the net. Ten minutes later, the visitors were 2-0 up, thanks to a superb strike from Adams.


Things looked bleak for Cowden but Scott Dalziel gave the home fans some hope with a tap-in after the County keeper had completely misjudged a corner kick. Dalziel was unlucky not to equalise shortly afterwards when his shot from the edge of the box crashed against the bar.


The Blue Brazil kept battling and were rewarded with a levelling goal five minutes from time. Dalziel knocked down a cross for substitute Andy Howat to bundle the ball into the net. But Howat marred his debut league performance by being given a straight red card in the closing stages.


Another Peterhead trip


Blue Brazil supporters are facing  a second trip to Peterhead within a few days after Cowden were drawn away to the Blue Toun in the first round of the Challenge Cup.


Brian Welsh's side are due to travel north on League business on Saturday, August 18, but will now have to fit in an extra midweek trip before the League clash.


Cowden fans face  a trip over the border to Berwick for the opening League fixture of the season but will be staying at home in midweek


The draw for the first round of the CIS Insurance Cup saw Cowden coupled with Dumbarton and the tie has been pencilled in for Central Park on Tuesday, August 7.


The first home League fixture at Central Park is on August 11 when Ross County visit the kingdom.


Manager |Brian Welsh and assistant Danny Lennon are well ahead with the build-up to the new season and saw their team put up a creditable display against Bristol Rovers despite losing 2-1 at Central Park.

Bus over the Border


'At the Cowdenbeath Supporters Club’s AGM held at Wee Jimmies it was agreed to hold subscriptions at the same level as last year.  Thus standard memberships are £7, with £9 for family membership and £5 for OAP/junior membership.


Renewals should be paid to the Treasurer David Allan as soon as possible.  In addition, Life Membership of the Supporters Club is now available at the bargain, one-off price of £50 per person. 


The Supporters Club is again running a bus to each away game this campaign.  The bus for Berwick Rangers on Saturday will depart from Central Park at 11.45am.  Standard fare is £11 (with £18 family fare and £9 for juniors/oaps).  Non-members pay an extra £2 fare.  Reserve your place by e-mailing David Allan at daallan6754@aol.com or phone 01383 724000.

Border raid  for starters


Blue Brazil fans will be on the march across the border when the new Second Division campaign starts on Saturday, August 4.


Cowden have been scheduled to visit newly-promoted Berwick Rangers in their opening fixture and that looks a tough start for Brian Welsh's side.


Players' "Player of the Year" Dougie Hill will be suspended for the opener after being sent off along with star midfielder Davie Armstrong in the last game of the season.


First League game at Central Park is on August 11 when new boss Dick Campbell brings his relegated Ross County side to town.

Liam lifts the top award


Blue Brazil fans held their annual awards ceremony in the Clansman Hotel when the main award was the Supporters Player of the Year trophy sponsored by the Central Fife Times.  


This year the hugely-popular winner was striker Liam Buchanan who also retained the Hookey Leonard trophy as Cowden’s top goalscorer and won the Willie Mercer Trophy as the Blue Brazil online player of the year.


Star defender Dougie Hill collected the Players' Player of the Year and the Eric Mitchell Trophy with skipper Mark Baxter runner-up. Dougie also lifted the Junction Bar star player trophy.


Striker Pat Clarke too was among the honours being awarded the John Finlay Young Player of the Year Trophy as well as the Pollock Shield for the best individual performance by a player in a match. Pat’s five-goal spree at Stranraer made certain he was a runaway winner of this accolade.


Another two-time winner was Pat Scullion who was presented with the Joe Ferguson Trophy as the Blue Brazil Online’s Young Player of the Year while his wonder goal at Ayr earned him the One Stop Mortgages Trophy for goal of the season, pipping Pat Clarke's Stranraer stunner by a single vote. 


Left-back Laurie Ellis was named as the Blue Brazil online Fans’ player of the year and received the Willie Anderson Trophy. 


Finally, long-serving Cowdenbeath  programme editor Andy Mullen and club historian David Allan were jointly awarded the Lord Ewing Shield sponsored by the BLCC as Supporters of the Year. 


Manager Brian Welsh paid tribute to his players and their achievements over the course of the season and he along with captain Mark Baxter and Liam Buchanan thanked the fans for all their support over the campaign.



Supporters Club Awards – Full Results


Player of the Year – 1 Liam Buchanan.  2 Dougie Hill.  3 Pat Clarke.


Fans’ Star Player of the Year – 1 Dougie Hill.  2 Liam Buchanan.  3 Mark Baxter.


Players’ Player of the Year – 1 Dougie Hill. 2 Mark Baxter.  3 (equal) Liam Buchanan and Davie Hay.


Young Player of the Year – 1 Pat Clarke. 2 Pat Scullion.  3(equal) Scott Dalziel and Kyle Allison.


Top scorer – 1 Liam Buchanan.  2  Pat Clarke.  3 Markus Paatelainen.


Goal of the season - 1 Pat Scullion v Ayr. 2 Pat Clarke v Sranraer 3 Mark Baxter v Ayr


Best Individual Performance – 1 Pat Clarke v Stranraer.  2 Morgaro Gomis v Raith.  3  Dougie Hill v Brechin.


Supporters of the Year – Dave Allan and Andy Mullen. 


Blue Brazil see red!

Cowden finished the season with a 1-0 defeat at Brechin but the main talking point was the two red cards handed out in the dying seconds of an otherwise lacklustre encounter.

Young defender David Armstrong was given his marching orders for tripping a Brechin forward who was racing through on goal. This prompted a stramash involving several players, with the referee picking out another Cowden defender - Dougie Hill - and sending him too for an early bath.

Brechin had taken the lead after 75 minutes when Paddy Connolly slammed the ball into the net from the edge of the box after the Cowden defence had failed to clear their lines.

The Blue Brazil pressed for a leveller, with Gary Kenneth and Liam Buchanan coming close. But the match appeared to be tapering out, until the explosive finale.

Brian Welsh's men have finished in a highly ceditable sixth place, a comfortable six points clear of the relegation zone. 

Free bus to Brechin


The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club is running a bus free of charge to the last game of the season next week at Brechin (28th April).  It will depart Central Park at 12.15.  Seats can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000.


Also on April 28 the annual Cowdenbeath Supporters Club player of the year function will be held in the Clansman Hotel, Cowdenbeath with a start time of 7.30 for 8pm to allow for the return from Brechin.  Tickets are available from Committee members at a cost of just £7 per head. 


The Supporters Club has eight awards to present at this always popular do.  Find out then who have won the Cowden ‘Oscars’ for 2006/07.  Please get along to the last game of the season and then come along to the Clansman to round off what has been yet again an enthralling season together with the players and management. 


Your support has made a difference and the good away support for Cowden this season has been remarked upon by many of the clubs we have visited.  Let’s all take this opportunity to show our appreciation to the players.

Goal drought goes on

Cowden's goal drought continued as they drew another blank in a 0-0 draw against Alloa Athletic at Recreation Park on Saturday.

The Blue Brazil have not hit the target since they slapped six past Stranraer five games ago but at least this latest goalless affair was an entertaining match.

Proof of this was the applause at the end from the 200-plus Cowden fans including SPL star Markus Paatelainen.

A glorious afernoon was great for the fans but a bit hot for the players as the pitch was very bumpy.

Perhaps that was the reason so many golden chances were squandered by both sides, Alloa in particular being denied by remarkable stops from Davie Hay and Gary Kenneth.

Liam Buchanan, Pat Clarke, Matthew Doherty and Stephen Husband all passed up good chances but it took a magnificent stop by the home keeper to deny Husband late in the game. The 16-year-old midfielder turned in an impressive performance on his first-ever senior start.

Cowden now complete their home League programme when Ayr United - unbeaten in their last seven games - visit Central Park on Saturday. 

Supporters Club updates
The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club is running a bus to Alloa on Saturday and it would be good to see a bumper turnout once again now that Cowden's second division place is secured. 
The team's recent away form has been really boosted by the numbers of loyal supporters travelling and the encouragement of those die-hards who have followed the Blue Brazil around the country this season.   The fare to travel on the bus to Alloa is £8 with OAPs/Juniors at £6 and families at £12.  Seats can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000. The bus will depart at 1.15pm from Central Park.  
It should also be noted that the Supporters Club bus to the last match of the season at Brechin on 28th April will be free of charge for all those travelling.  Bookings for this bus will be taken from Saturday with those travelling on the bus to Alloa having the first oportunity to book.  


Also on the 28th April the annual Cowdenbeath Supporters Club 'player of the year' function will be held in the Clansman Hotel with a start time of 7.30 for 8pm to allow for the return from Brechin. 


Our normal venue at Wee Jimmies is unavailable this year and we have therefore been pleased to arrange for the Clansman to host this ever-popular end of season bash.  Tickets are available from Committee members at a cost of just £7 per head.  Voting forms for the various awards are in course of distribution to members. 


Please get along for the remaining games of the season and then come along to the Clansman on the 28th to round off what has been yet again an enthralling season together with the players and management.


Job well done by Cowden 

Cowden duly collected the single point required to retain their Second Division status next season when they drew 0-0 with Stranraer at Central Park on Saturday.

Boss Brian Welsh and his squad can take a lot of credit as the survival target was achieved but Cowden fans will be hoping they wont see another game like Saturday's for a long time. 

It was dire from start to finish as Cowden failed to find the net for the third successive game and a million miles removed from the impressive midweek display at Stirling.

Although the fiery surface did not help, Cowden struggled to string three passes together and failed to put the Stranraer defence under pressure.

However, it was mission accomplished and the Central Parkers remain in a very respectable sixth place with a trip to Alloa coming up on Saturday.

One step from safety

Cowden, despite losing 1-0 at Stirling on Tuesday night, arer now just one step away from ensuring Second Division football at Central Park next season.

The Blue Brazil return to Central Park after three successive away fixtures when they play host to Stranraer on Saturday.

A repeat of their recent victory over the same opponents - or even a draw - would guarantee Brian Welsh's side will escape relegation. 

The midweek defeat at Forthbank was a travesty of justice for Cowden's high-tempo performance which made the title contenders look pretty ordinary.

Steven Weir, drafted in for the virus-hit Pat Clarke, was desperately unlucky not to notch his first Cowden goal when put through by Gary Fusco but his lob went over the top.

Weir then had a close-in effort blocked on the line but should have done better than blast the ball into the side nettting after being sent clear by Pat Scullion.

The Blue Brazil were left to rue their missed chances when Stirling striker Colin Cramb was allowed a free header from a free-kick to score the only goal of the game on the hour mark.

Cowden redoubled their efforts but drew another blank yet the travelling support stayed behind to applaud them off the park.

They have slipped to sixth spot in the League but will achieve their target for the season if they avoid defeat on Saturday.

Cowden lose out to leaders

Cowden's recent run of success came to a shuddering stop when they were beaten 3-0 by title favourites Morton at Greenock on Saturday.

Brian Welsh's side battled for 90 minutes against the League leaders but were always struggling after going behind to  a farcical penalty award in the tenth minute.

Not for the first time this season, McGowan dived to the ground when approached by Dougie Hill and referee Nicholls fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Stevenson slotted home the penalty but worse was to follow as McGowan was gifted a second goal and Cowden went into the break undeservedly trailing 2-0.

Morton edged the second half, particularly after a midfield blunder allowed McGowan to net yet another soft counter to clinch his side's fourth victory over Cowden this season.

Young defender Davie Anderson hobbled off with a serious knee injury to complete a miserable day for the travelling fans, many of whom had again been overcharged by the turnstile operator.

The Blue Brazil face another testing away fixture against promotion contenders Stirling Albion at Forthbank on Tuesday (kick-off 7.30pm).

The official Supporters Club bus will leave Central Park at 6.10pm.

Pat's five-star show

Cowden took a giant step to ensuring there will be Second Division football at Central Park next season after a storming 6-1 victory at Stranraer on Sunday.

21-year-old striker Pat Clarke scored twice in the opening 90 seconds and then went on to complete an astonishing hat-trick after only ten minutes.

The Cowden goal spree continued when midfielder Pat Scullion notched a fourth in the 16th minute and the travelling fans celebrated once more.

Moore pulled one back for Stranraer before the interval but by that time Brian Welsh's side were well on their way to a third successive win.

Clarke struck once more with 20 minutes to go and then again in the last minute to lift his goal total for the season to 17. Not since George Watson 72 years ago against Dumbarton has a Cowden player finished with five goals in a game!

This latest victory hoisted Cowden into fifth place in the League - a magnificent achievement for a newly-promoted team. 

The Blue Brazil now face another couple of testing away fixtures against the League leaders Morton at Greenock on Saturday, followed by a trip to Stirling on Tuesday (kick-off 7.30pm).

Buses to Greenock and Stirling


The Supporters Club is running buses to Cowdenbeath's next two League games against Morton on Saturday and to Stirling on Tuesday (note date change). 


After the team's stunning victory at Stranraer it would be much appreciated if the fans could once more get behind the team as the season draws to its conclusion.   Seats can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000.


The bus will depart at 12.00 from Central Park for Greenock on Saturday.  Tuesday's trip to Stirling will leave from Central Park at 6.10pm for a 7.30 kick off.   Fares for Morton will be £10 Standard, £8 Junior/OAP and £16 family.  Stirling prices are £8 adult, £6 OAP/Junior and £12 family." 


Home hoodoo is ended

Cowden, without a home League win since before Christmas, buried their Central Park hoodoo with a 2-1 victory over bottom club Forfar Athletic on Saturday.

It was the first time the Blue Brazil had recorded back-to-back League wins since mid-August and they had to fight hard, especially against the gale and rain in the first half.

Boss Brian Welsh handed a Cowden debut to Dundee United loan star Garry Kenneth and there was also a place on the bench for veteran keeper John Martin.

The normally safe hands of home keeper Davie Hay spilled an inswinging free-kick and Gary Fraser was first to react, prodding a deflected effort over the to give Forfar an early lead. 

Cowden dominated from then on but were still behind at the interval despite numerous attempts at goal including a spectacular overhead effort from Dougie Hill.

A minute into the second period and Cowden were on level terms when Forfar keeper Sandy Wood took a fresh-air kick at a passback and ace marksman Liam Buchanan rolled the ball into the empty net.

The club's leading scorer struck again in 66 minutes when he was in the right place to sweep home a pinpoint cross from skipper Mark Baxter. 

It was Buchanan's fifth goal in five games and brought his total for the Blue Brazil to a fantastic 58, a total bettered by a mere dozen players in the club's 126-year history.

The Blue Brazil now face a trio of tricky away fixtures, starting at Stranraer on Sunday, followed by Greenock and Stirling.

Bargain bus to Stranraer


The official Cowdenbeath Supporters Club is running a bus to Stranraer for what will doubtless be an absolutely vital League encounter at Stair Park on Sunday 25th March. 


The club and players need your support on that day.  The Supporters Club therefore appeals to all the loyal fans of the club to make  a special effort to be there and to get right behind the team for the full 90 minutes.


The fare to travel on the bus to this match has been discounted by the Supporters Club to just £5 per person (no, it's not a double decker!). 


Seats can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000. The bus will depart at 10.45am from Central Park. 

Great victory at Peterhead

Following hard on the heels of veteran defender Davie Hannah's return to Iceland, Cowden boss Brian Welsh has moved swiftly to fix up Garry Kenneth.

The 19-year-old, who stands 6ft 4ins tall, arrives at Central Park from Premier League Dundee United, havng made his debut for the Tannadice side two years ago.

Garry will join another recent Premier loan signing, David Armstrong, in the Blue Brazil squad to face Forfar Athletic at Central Park on Saturday. 

Cowden shrugged off their double defeat at home in the last week to grab three precious points thanks to a deserved 2-0 victory at Peterhead on Saturday.

It was their second successive 2-0 away victory and a well-deserved bonus for the team which hasn't won at Central Park since before Christmas.

Defensive star Dougie Hill opened the scoring for Brian Welsh's side midway through the first half, his first League goal of the season although he knocked home the winner at Brechin in the Scottish Cup. 

21-year-old striker Pat Clarke then doubled Cowden's advantage soon afer the restart with his 12th strike this season and then the whole team put in maximum effort to ensure the points were safe.

The Blue Brazil now face a 'must win' game on Saturday when bottom team Forfar Athletic visit Central Park before they have three away fixtures at Stranraer, Greenock and Stirling.

Battling Cowden beaten

Cowden battled on bravely to regain some of their lost pride but still went down 2-1 to promotion candidates Stirling Albion at Central Park on Tuesday night.

The Blue Brazil have now gone seven games without a home win but their commitment and effort against the Binos certainly could not be questioned.

Graham Guy, Matthew Docherty, Pat Clarke and Gary Fusco were all missing from the starting line-up which faced Raith and boss Brian Welsh handed a Cowden debut to Ireland under-21 cap David Armstrong signed on loan from Hearts.

However it was Livvy loan star Robert Snodgrass who gave Stirling an interval lead as Cowden battled against the gale.

The Binos doubled their lead just after the break when a David O'Brien cross hit Mark Baxter's foot and looped over Cowden keeper Davie Hay for a fluke goal.

Albion keeper Myles Hogarth pulled off the save of the season from a flying header by Liam Buchanan but a minute later the Blue Brazil's leading marksman blasted a net-bound Scott Dalziel effort over the line.

That set up a grandstand finish as Stirling lost their composure but the Cowden pressure failed to deliver an equaliser.

The Blue Brazil now face another vital fixture at Peterhead on Saturday when the supporters bus will leave Central Park at 10.45pm. Prices are £12 and£10 and seats can be booked through daallan6754@aol.com or 01383 724000.

Derby day defeat

Cowden crashed to a 5-1 defeat at the hands of local rivals Raith Rovers in the final Fife derby of the season.

Blue Brazil fans in the 2249 crowd were hoping to see their first win at Central Park since Christmas but were forced to look on in horror as their side took a thumping from a pretty ordinary Raith outfit.

Boss Brian Welsh brought in Mark Baxter and Pat Clarke in place of Scott Dalziel and Murray Davidson from the side which won at Ayr last week.

Defender Dougie Hill was writhing in agony for over a minute after being fouled but ref Colin Burns allowed play to continue and Cowden were still all at sea when unmarked Kevin Fotheringham opened the scoring.

Ref Burns then bottled his first big decision when Marvin Andrews hacked down Cowden leading scorer Liam Buchanan just as he was about to score. Buchanan equalised from the penalty but Andrews somehow escaped the automatic red card.

The Northern Ireland official flashed yellow cards at random throughout the game but that was no excuse for the home defence which conceded another three goals before the interval, although the last one was offside.

It was 'game over' at the interval and Raith killed the game with a fifth goal midway through the second half.

Brian Welsh's misery was complete when he was sent to the stand after another run-in with linesman Jimmy Bee, the man who somehow missed the offside offence for Raith's goal. 

The Blue Brazil now face another vital fixture when the re-arranged Second Division game against high-flying Stirling Albion goes ahead at Central Park on Tuesday night, kick-off 7.45pm.

Cowden blow Ayr away

Cowden dug deep to produce a terrific battling performance and a thoroughly-deserved 2-0 victory over Ayr United at Somerset Park on Saturday.

An early Liam Buchanan penalty - the first to be awarded to the Central Parkers this season - and a second-half wonder strike from Pat Scullion secured the points for a Blue Brazil side which fought for every ball from start to finish. 

Boss Brian Welsh brought in Graham Guy, Scott Dalziel, Murray Davidson and Pat Scullion to the starting line-up and all four were outstanding but it would be unfair to pick any individuals out.

This was a total team display, inspired by stand-in skipper Davie Hannah, and subs Pat Clarke and Martyn Fotheringham showed the same hunger when they came on.  If Cowden show the same commitment in their 11 remaining games then there will again be Second Division football at Central Park next season.

The band of Blue Brazil diehards were celebrating early when Liam Buchanan slammed home his 17th goal of the season from an unlikely source - a Cowden penalty awarded after Scott Dalziel was felled by the home keeper.

Cowden should have had their second penalty of the season when Buchanan was pushed in the back as he bore in on goal but the referee's refusal meant it was still 1-0 at the interval.

Highlight of the game came in the second half when Cowden carved out a magnificent goal. A flowing move sent the ball wide left to Matt Doherty and he swept it square to Martyn Fotheringham  who promptly pushed it wide right to Pat Scullion.

The youngster took a touch before unleashing a vicious dipping volley from outside the box which flew into the net. A remarkable strike and his first goal since the opening day of the season.

Liam Buchanan should have made it 3-0 when sent absolutely clear by Matt Doherty but scuffed his shot straight to the keeper.

The miss did not matter as it happened with the whole team tackling like demons and they deservedly picked up their first League win bonus since the New Year derby.

Cowden now face a double-header at Central Park this week when high-flying Stirling Albion arrive on Tuesday night (kick-off 7.45) and then local rivals Raith Rovers travel up on Saturday for the final Fife derby of the season.

Penalty exit from Fife Cup

Cowden skipper Mark Baxter limped off during the Fife Cup semi-final against Dunfermline at Central Park on Tuesday night and must be rated doubtful for the vital League game at Ayr on Saturday.

There was further bad news for boss Brian Welsh when Graham Guy, making his comeback after several months out, was also forced to leave the field with an injury.


Cowden did well against their full-time Premier League opponents, losing 6-5 on penalties after the game ended 1-1.


Dougie Hill glanced home a Matt Doherty corner to give the Blue Brazil an early lead which they held until late in the game when Iain Williamson was allowed to hit home an equaliser despite being yards offside.


David Hannah, Dougie Hill, Liam Buchanan, Matthew Dochery and Murray Davidson all slotted home penalties before 16-year-old Grant Manzie blasted his effort over the bar.


Cowden fielded seven teenagers during the game including a debut for 15-year-old Jamie Reid. 


The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club is running its normal bus to Ayr for the important League clash at Somerset Park on Saturday.

Seats can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000. The bus will depart at 11.45am from Central Park.  Prices are £10 adult, £8 OAP/juniors & £16 for a family.  Non-members pay an extra £2 over the advertised fares.

Flying off to Finland
Initial bookings are now being made by Cowden fans for the trip to Finland.  On Friday they intend to book flights as follows. 
Out: Friday 25 May 06.00 from Edinburgh (KLM via Amsterdam) arrives Helsinki 13.50
Return: Monday 28 May 14.35 from Helsinki (KLM via Amsterdam) arrives Edinburgh 18.45
Indicative return fare including all taxes is £184.90.  Anyone else interested in booking now on these flights contact David Allan by e-mail at daallan6754@aol.com.  Of course other travellers can still book later or choose alternative flights. 

Beaten by Brechin

Cowden are still searching for their first home win since Christmas after losing 3-0 to Brechin City at Central Park on Saturday.

Brian Welsh's side were lucky to be only 1-0 behind to an Iain Russell goal at the interval as Brechin troubled the Cowden defence repeatedly with the long ball.

Cowden brought on Steven Weir at half-time and they started to spark a little but defensive slackness soon allowed Russell to make it 2-0.

Veteran City keeper Craig Nelson denied Liam Buchanan with a fabulous one-handed save from a point-blank volley.

City took control as the game progressed and it was no surprise when Russell laid on a third goal for Stevie Hampshire.

Referee Law insisted the floodlights be switched on despite the blazing sunshine but even that bizarre decision did not enable Cowden to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Now they have been sucked into the relegation play-off zone although they have games in hand. 

The Blue Brazil will be back in action at  Central Park on Tuesday night (kick-off 7.30) when the Fife Cup semi-final against Dunfermline will be staged. Admission prices are £4 and £2.

New date for Stirling game

Cowden's Second Division fixture against title challengers Stirling Albion - frozen off on Saturday - has been re-arranged for Tuesday, February 27, at Central Park.

The Blue Brazil will also be in action at  Central Park on Tuesday first when the Fife Cup semi-final against Dunfermline will be staged.

Before that, of course, Brian Welsh's men face Brechin City on Saturday, again at Central Park. City beat table-toppers Morton last week but Cowden beat them at Brechin last month. 

Meanwhile, Cowden Supporters Club is organising a trip to Finland to see Mixu and Mikko Paateleainen’s new side in action.

The Finnish League fixtures have recently been released and the provisional arrangement is that the Ble Brazil contingent will visit Turku to see TPS play VPS Vaasa on Sunday, May 27.

Suggested arrangements involve flying to Helsinki on Friday, May 25, and staying one night in the Finnish capital where  the fans  have been invited to meet a representative of the Finnish FA.

On the Saturday evening there would be a two-hour train journey to Turku and the fans would spend two nights there before returning to Helsinki on Monday for the flight home. 

The Supporters Club will also be getting in touch with Mixu to hopefully meet up during the visit.  Details will be firmed up shortly but meantime those interested should contact David Allan or John Cameron.


Fans tribute to Innes Ritchie
The Supporters Club on behalf of all its members and all the followers of Cowdenbeath FC wish Innes Ritchie all the very best for the future both on and off the field.  
The contribution Innes made was remarkable.  He skippered and led the team by example.  He enjoyed the utmost respect of the Cowden fans and his playing colleagues.  No Blue Brazil cause was ever lost with Innes leading our side. 
Innes Ritchie of course is already a member of the Cowdenbeath FC Hall of Fame but he enjoys a unique position amongst that select band.  There are three legendary Cowden captains immortalised in the Hall of Fame – Alex Menzies, Andy Kinnell and Innes Ritchie. 
Alex and Andy of course though were Cowdenbeath lads born and bred but Innes is held in equal regard and we now declare him officially to be a true Cowdenbeather by popular adoption! 
The last day of season 2005/06 is of course indelibly printed on the collective Cowdenbeath consciousness for all time and the vision of Innes Ritchie holding the championship trophy aloft will never fade from our memories.

Cowden hold on to Hannah

Blue Brazil fans were given a massive boost following their side's Scottish Cup exit with the news that central defender David Hannah is staying at Central Park until the end of March.

The veteran star was due to return to his Icelandic club this week but Cowden manager Brian Welsh managed to persuade him to stay for another eight games.

It is great news for the club and Hannah will be in his usual place beside Dougie Hill when Stirling Albion visit Central Park on Saturday.

Cowden 'mist' the chance of reaching the last eight of the Tennent's Scottish Cup when they lost 2-0 to First Division Queen of the South in the Palmerston fog on Saturday.

It was a hugely disappointing day for the Blue Brazil fans who gave their side non-stop vocal support but watched in dismay as the Queens keeper was never troubled.

Cowden, of course, were dealt a major blow when star striker Liam Buchanan, top scorer in the League, was ruled out through injury.

Brian Welsh's men started brightly enough but were handed another major headache when Mark Baxter was injured. The Central Park skipper was still receiving treatment on the touchline when Gary Fusco was suckered into a tackle and Dobbie hammered home the resultant penalty.

Baxter was unable to continue as Queens, boosted by their goal, started to knock the ball about with confidence but it was still 1-0 at the interval.

Adams doubled the gap soon after the break and there was no way back for Cowden who put in the effort but to little effect.

They now face a tough assignment in the League when title hopefuls Stirling Albion visit Central Park on Saturday.  

Blue Brazilians on the march

Cowden fans are on the march to Dumfries on Saturday to see their team tackle First Division opponents Queen of the South in the fourth round of the Tennents Scottish Cup.

It is over 50 years since the clubs last clashed in the Scottish Cup and Blue Brazilians will be out in force and ready to make themselves heard at Palmerston Park.

Boss Brian Welsh's new-look line-up featuring five changes held runaway Second Division leaders Morton to a draw last week with a battling display.

Queens are struggling at the foot of the First Division so there is definitely a chance for Cowden to cause a Cup upset.

Welsh said, "This is a big game for the  club but we are relishing the prospect of the tie and the chance of reaching the last eight."

Veteran David Hannah will be at the heart of the defence in what looks like being his final game for Cowden before returning to Iceland.

Blue Brazil fans are hoping he gets a winning send-off following his consistent form in recent months.

Finally, the Junction Bar bus is full but seats are still available on the second Cowden Supporters Club bus, leaving  Central Park at 10.30am. Contact daallan6754@aol.com or phone 01383 724000.


Book your seat for Dumfries
The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club is running two buses to Dumfries for the Scottish Cup tie v Queen of the South at Palmerston on Saturday as Cowdenbeath attempt to reach the quarter-finals for the first time in 76 years.
There is an immense deal of interest in the trip and there has been a huge demand for places but the remaining seats can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000.
The buses will leave at 10.30am from Central Park to allow time for a bar lunch, some shopping, or a few pints in Dumfries.  Prices are £12 adult, £10 OAP/juniors & £20 for a family.  Non-members pay an extra £2 over the advertised fares.
Tribute to magical Markus
The Cowdenbeath Football Supporters Club on behalf of all its members and all the followers of Cowdenbeath FC would like to wish Markus Paatelainen every success in his future career. 
His contribution to Cowdenbeath FC was immense and will never be forgotten.  In honour of the contribution Markus has made to Cowdenbeath FC, it has been agreed that Markus Paatelainen with immediate effect should be admitted to the Cowdenbeath FC Hall of Fame.  
The sheer pleasure of watching Markus dancing down the left wing leaving defenders in his wake evoked warm memories of the great Scottish ballplayers of yesteryear and brought fans flocking back to Central Park.  Markus played a key role in the team's thrilling success with his goals and flair. 
His two winning goals at Stark's Park will also always be lodged in the collective consciousness of the Blue Brazil support.  To come back twice from serious injury too shows grit and determination. 
Markus fully deserves his chance in the big time and we will continue to follow him and enjoy his play in the years to come via our TV screens if sadly no more at Central Park

Central Park up for sale

Cowden are on the move to a new stadium, complete with modern facilities and an all-weather grass pitch, following chairman Gordon McDougall's decision to sell Central Park to developers.  

McDougall, the only chairman in the club's history to achieve promotion three times, announced the news before leaving for a holiday in Panama which, incidentally, he will interrupt to take in Cowden's Scottish Cup tie at Dumfries on Saturday.

He said, "I have completed the missives for the sale of Central Park and will now vigorously pursue the council authorities to identify an appropriate site for our new stadium.

"We are looking at a new modern stadium of which the club and the local community  can be proud.

"It will be designed to accommodate around 3000 fans with seating for 800 and incorporating good hospitality facilities. The pitch would be FIFA approved artificial grass.

"The whole project is dependant on planning permission but we hope to work with Fife Council to drive our plans forward and find a suitable site."

League leaders are held

Cowden shared the spoils in a pulsating 1-1 draw with runaway League leaders Greenock Morton at Central Park on Saturday.

Blue Brazil boss Brian Welsh handed debuts to new signings Matthew Doherty and Murray Davidson as well as sub Craig Smart, snapped up from East Fife in a swap deal for Kevin McBride.

The youngsters energetic running got Cowden off to a flying start and they went ahead when Pat Clarke hit home his 11th goal of the season.

The home side could have added to their lead before Morton got a lucky break of the ball and McGowan rolled the equaliser into the empty net.

Main features of a keenly fought second period were an inspired free-kick from Pat Scullion and a golden chance spurned by Liam Buchanan from a David Hannah free-kick. 

Hannah and Dougie Hill were immense in the Cowden defence but it took a wonderful double block by Davie Hay to take Cowden a precious point nearer safety.

Tough run coming up

Having lost 2-0 to rock-bottom Forfar Athletic last week, Cowden now face a mammoth task against runaway League leaders Morton at Central Park on Saturday.

The Blue Brazil haven't won at home since before Christmas and their next four Central Park fixtures are against the top four teams in the League.

Brian Welsh's men, however, should have no fears in facing the League leaders having lost out by a single goal on the three previous encounters this season.

Midfielder Martin McBride, signed from Albion Rovers, will be in the Cowden squad which will be captained by new club skipper Mark Baxter.

Teenage loan striker Steven Weir misses out through suspension but new midfield youngsters Iain Ramsay (ex-Gretna) and Matthew Doherty (on loan from Hearts) should be in the squad.

Heaviest home defeat

Cowden slumped to their heaviest home league defeat of the season as Peterhead recorded a 3-0 victory at a very wet and windy Central Park.

Despite kicking off with the wind behind them, the Blue Brazil conceded an early goal when Martin Bavidge raced through the middle to shoot past the advancing David Hay.

Pat Clarke almost brought Cowden level with a clever chip but his effort struck the crossbar. Leading marksman Liam Buchanan also came close on a couple of occasions but the ball stayed out and Cowden faced the daunting task of playing the second half against the elements while trying to salvage something from the match.

The Blue Brazil battled away manfully but the visitors doubled their advantage 20 minutes from time, Bavidge rounding Hay and slotting home from an incredibly acute angle.

The Blue Toon the had Callum McDonald dismissed for a second-bookable offence and this gave Cowden a glimmer of hope.

Boss Brian Welsh piled men forward but a Peterhead counter attack exploited a gap in the Cowden defence and Kyle MacAuley bundled home the killer third goal.

There was no way back for the Blue Brazil and they have now slipped to fifth place in the table. Attention now switches to the Scottish Cup on Tuesday evening when Cowden travel to Brechin for their third-round replay.

Markus is just magic

Cowden repeated their earlier derby success at Starks Park with a stirring 2-1 victory over Raith Rovers on Tuesday. 

The Blue Brazil gave their fans in the 2744 crowd the happiest of New Years by coming from behind to yet again claim the scalp of their Fife rivals.

Boss Brian Welsh moved veteran David Hannah into midfield and also handed a debut to teenage striker Steven Weir, on loan from Livingston.

Cowden were dealt an early blow when Danny Lennon limped off after only 10 minutes but Martyn Fotheringham slotted in comfortably to the midfield role.

Keeper Davie Hay made a decent stop from Ian Harty but the first-half ended goalless after being fought out in a typical derby fashion.

Second half the script changed dramatically as the Cowden choir pumped up the volume and Markus Paatelainen started to torment the Raith defence who had no answer to his mazy runs down the left touchline.

Weir went off to a great ovation on the hour mark after a solid shift and was replaced by ex-Raith striker Pat Clarke.

Cowden really started to motor and Clarke was unlucky when he was put through by Paatelainen but his net-bound shot hit keeper Chris Fahey's leg and went behind.

Fahey, who seemed more interested in winding up the Cowden fans than anything else, got even more abuse when Paatelainen was denied a penalty for a push in the back and the keeper gestured to the crowd.

However, Fahey was soon leaping about like a demented haddock as he celebrated the opening goal by Raith's McManus with 20 minutes to go.

The home end had barely started their "You're not singing any more" chorus when Liam Buchanan shut them up, turning his marker and beating Fahey with ease from the edge of the box.

It was mayhem in the Cowden stand as the big travelling support sensed another derby victory and it was duly delivered.

Magnificent interplay between Buchanan and Clarke carved open the home defence and although Clarke's effort hit Fahey, Paatelainen was in the right spot  to stab the ball over the line for a deserved winner.

There was still time for Davie Hay to make a couple of super saves buty the Cowden fans barely noticed as they celebrated loud and long.

The Blue Brazil now face Brechin City for the second time in a week when the clubs clash again in the third round of the Tennents Scottish Cup at Central Park on Saturday.

Although Brechin came out on top on the Glebe Park mud heap last week, Cowden should have nothing to fear with home advantage.

Liam hits a hat-trick

Ace goal-grabber Liam Buchanan led the way as Cowden handed Alloa Athletic their second Central Park drubbing of the season by winning 5-2 on Saturday.

Buchanan took less than a minute to notch his 50th career goal for the Blue Brazil and what a Christmas cracker it was as he fired in a glorious 25-yarder.

The wee man repeated the feat in the opening minute of the second half, turning on a sixpence and blasting the ball past keeper Allan Greer.

Buchanan then completed a memorable hat-trick when he side-footed home a return pass from Laurie Ellis.

Ellis also played a starring role, restoring Cowden's lead - after McKeown had converted a spot-kick for Alloa - on the stroke of half-time when he popped up at the back post to stab home a Markus Paatelainen pass.

Ellis added another with a clever lob from a narrow angle which left keeper Greer absolutely helpless.

Mackie netted a consolation counter for Alloa - who later had Clark dismissed for lifting his hands to Kevin McBride.

Cowden boss Brian Welsh, who left Tannadice-bound Morgaro Gomis out  of his starting line-up,  brought on youngsters Grant Manzie and Stephen Husband, the latter making his senior debut.

The Blue Brazil's victory hoisted them into a promotion play-off position and is a real confidence booster for the away matches against Brechin on Saturday and Raith on Tuesday.

Another away defeat

Cowden are still clinging to fifth place in the Second Division despite losing 1-0 to the in-form Stirling Albion at Forthbank on Saturday.

Davie Hay, Gary Fusco and Morgaro Gomis all returned to the starting line-up but the less said about Coowden's first-half performance the better as they were outclassed and out-passed.

Even their set-piece efforts at free-kicks and corners were woeful and a solitary Markus Paatelainen drive was their only shot at goal.

Stirling took advantage of Cowden's lacklustre display to notch the only goal of the game, Colin Cramb rattling in a crisp 15-yarder after ref Colin Hardie chose to ignore a high boot in David Hannah's face.

Cowden pepped up after the interval as they raised the tempo and were denied a clear case for a penalty when Fusco was tripped as he raced in on goal.

However it wasnt until Cowden resorted to the high ball that genuine chances were created, the first from a Scott Dalziel cross and the second from a Martyn Fotheringham free-kick.

In both cases the ball broke to the right foot of Morgaro Gomis inside the box but the little Frenchman blasted the ball over the bar on each occasion.

Club captain Innes Ritchie - who sat among the Cowden fans at Forthbank - will complete his two-match suspension when Cowden entertain Alloa Athletic on League business at Cenral Park on Saturday.

Home draw in Scottish

Cowden will face Brechin City at Central Park in the third round of the Scottish Cup after beating the students of Edinburgh University at home on Saturday.

The final 5-1 scoreline disguised the fact that the students put up a spirited show in front of 896 fans before the Blue Brazil marched through to the next round on January 6.

There was an early shock for Cowden fans with the non-appearance of Morgaro Gomis and Pat Clarke, the latter reporting sick while the young French star was sidelined at the request of future employers Dundee Utd. 16-year-old keeper Kyle Allison retained his place, with the ageless John Martin  named as sub goalie.

University provided an early scare when they had the ball in the net after 10 minutes but an offside flag dampened the Students' celebrations.

Cowden eventually took the lead on the half-hour mark when good passing between Markus Paatelainen and Mark Baxter opened the door for Liam Buchanan to bundle the ball home from close range.

Veteran Danny Lennon scored his first Cowden goal when he found himself in space and slotted past the advancing keeper. The Students challenge was virtually snuffed out before the interval when Buchanan followed up to net from an acute angle after keeper Bennett had parried a Paatelainen shot.

There was little action at the start of the second half but the game sparked into life with 20 minutes remaining when James Hair pulled one back for University, controlling the ball and volleying high into the net in spectacular fashion.

Cowden clinched the tie with two headed goals in the final 10 minutes. 16-year-old Grant Manzie - who had replaced the injured Buchanan - picked out Paatelainen with a perfectly flighted cross and the Finn made no mistake with his downward header. Then Laurie Ellis provided a similar opportunity for Mark Baxter and the defender powered a header into the net from close range.

Club captain Innes Ritchie will be suspended when Cowden return to League business with a visit to Stirling Albion on Saturday.

Liam is an all-time great

Liam Buchanan's magnificent hat-trick against Stranraer at Central Park on Saturday has blasted him into the top 20 all-time Cowdenbeath scorers.

The deadly striker has banged in goals galore for the Blue Brazil all the way up from the youth set-up and his total for the first team is now only three short of a half-century.

Liam now sits proudly at 17th place in the list of League goalscorers in the club's 125-year history with only Graeme Brown of the modern era rated higher.

Still only 21, Liam is already a Cowden legend and next to face his firepower will be the students of Edinburgh University in the second round of the Scottish Cup at Central Park on Saturday.

Cowden are currently the highest-scoring home team in Scotland and Buchanan will have ample back-up from Markus Paatelainen, Pat Clarke and Scott Dalziel who have scored 22 goals already this term. 

Skipper Innes Ritchie will be available to face the students but will start his latest suspension when Cowden visit Stirling Albion on Saturday, December 16.

Meanwhile young Paul McBride has been released by boss Brian Welsh and 21-year-old Morgaro Gomis is heading to Tannadice next month for a £15,000 fee.

Buchanan blitzes Stranraer

Cowden top scorer Liam Buchanan blasted home a magnificent hat-trick as the Blue Brazil beat Stranraer 4-2 in a thrilling encounter at Central Park on Saturday.

Buchanan opened the scoring after 14 minutes, driving home after a fierce Pat Clarke effort had been brilliantly blocked by Stranraer keeper Scott Black.

Clarke had a net-bound header cleared off the line and Buchanan's follow-up effort was tipped over by Black.

Steven Aitken equalised when he beat Davie Hay with a low drive from outside the box. The Cowden keeper - who had pulled a muscle in the warm-up - was replaced by 16-year-old Kyle Allison, making his senior debut.

Cowden enjoyed the advantage of a strong wind as the second half got underway and Buchanan soon struck again, side-footing home a Laurie Ellis cut-back after Markus Paatelainen had hit the woodwork.

Mark Crilly levelled the match with a well-taken free kick from 25 yards which set up a grandstand finish with both sides creating chances.

The introduction of Scott Dalziel added impetus to the Cowden attack and the big striker headed home a Buchanan cross for what looked like a late winner.

That man Buchanan, however, was not finished and he completed a memorable hat-trick when Dalziel released him through the middle and the little striker confidently slotted past Black.

Fluke strike sinks Cowden

Cowden matched League leaders Greenock Morton every inch of the way at Cappielow on Saturday but left pointless after conceding a late goal which was deflected into the net.

The Blue Brazil fans - including a contingent from Finland - silenced the home support with non-stop backing from start to finish.

However, giant Fifer Chris Templeman - ribbed mercilessly by the Cowden fans during his warm-up - had the last hee-haw when he came on to score the only goal of the game with a shot wickedly deflected past keeper Davie Hay.

Boss Brian Welsh added Innes Ritchie, Graham Guy and David Hannah to his starting line-up but Guy lasted little more than 15 minutes before limping off. New signing Hannah slotted in nicely beside Innes Ritchie but that partnership will soon be interrupted after the skipper picked up another booking.

In an evenly-matched contest, Morton missed a couple of golden chances but so did Cowden in the second half. And the referee infuriated the vocal Cowden support by ignoring solid penalty claims  for a blatant hand-ball and an obvious trip.

Markus Paatelainen came closest of all with an angled drive which the Morton keeper managed to finger-tip on to the bar.

16-year-old Callum McKinlay was handed his senior debut for the Blue Brazil when he was subbed on for the final few minutes.

Cowden will now host Stranraer at Central Park on Saturday and then meet Edinburgh University in the second round of the Scottish Cup at Central Park on Saturday, December 9.


Web team net quiz cup
The www.cowdenbeath.net team won the Cowdenbeath Quiz Cup at a fund-raising event for the Young Brazilian fans held at Wee Jimmie's on Friday night. 
Webmaster Brian Fraser captained the winning team which included partner Nicole Bertermann and family members Ian, Anne and Linda Fraser.
With two rounds to go, only two points separated the leading three teams but the web outfit pulled away to win.
The winning team donated their prize-money to the Young Brazilian club, as did the runners-up captained by Dave Tuson.
First-team players Pat Scullion and Chris Hughes featured in the team which finished in third place.

Premier chance for Morgaro

Blue Brazil star Morgaro Gomis has started full-time training with Premier side Dundee United linked to a possible move during the transfer window.

Ex-Cowden manager Craig Levein is now boss at Tannadice and asked permission to have a closer look at the classy midfielder.

Gomis headed home an injury-time winner to secure a 3-2 victory over Forfar Athletic at Central Park last Saturday.

The young Frenchman's late strike brought to an end Cowden's recent dismal run and also enabled new boss Brian Welsh to record his first victory in charge.

Markus Paatelainen, stretchered off the previous week, returned with a vengeance by scoring a glory double to bring his total to eight this season.

A bitterly cold and blustery day restricted the attendance to 383 but a band of Cowden fans from Dublin created a great atmosphere.

Boss Brian Welsh had to re-shuffle his plans when skipper Innes Ritchie pulled out in the pre-match warm-up with a leg injury but there was a place for newly-appointed assistant manager Danny Lennon in the starting line-up.

Lennon, in fact, was an inspirational figure in some great passing play from Cowden which, however, failed to trouble Forfar keeper Sean Murdoch in a lively first half.

It was a different story after the interval when fans favourite Markus Paatelainen stepped up to the mark.

First he steered home a stunning header  from a Mark Baxter cross after 53 minutes and soon scored a second with a clever chip after a Davie Hay clearance had been nodded on by Liam Buchanan.

Blue Brazilians celebrated in style and none more so than title-winning manager Mixu Paatelainen, back once again to support the team.

Cowden should have gone on to wrap up the points but some good chances weren't taken and a Gregory Tade goal gave Forfar a big lift with 20 minutes to go.

Cowden's composure collapsed and it was no big surprise when ex-Central Parker Darren Gribben was subbed on and belted home the equaliser with his first touch of the ball.

The game was now wide open and 15-year-old striker Grant Manzie was handed his senior debut as Cowden went all out for a winner.

It eventually arrived at the last gasp when Liam Buchanan's persistence enabled him to send over an inviting cross which Morgaro Gomis gleefully headed into the net.

This dramatic victory enabled Cowden to retain fifth place, five points off a promotion play-off spot and, just as important, four points above the relgation play-off zone.


Chairman blasts reports
Cowden chairman Gordon McDougall has blasted media reports which claimed he had criticised the behaviour of Blue Brazil supporters inside Central Park.
One national newspaper quoted him as saying the club had trouble at every game with fans drinking, fighting and throwing bricks - comments which were widely repeated on internet web sites.
An angry McDougall said, "The reports are total rubbish and at no time did I criticise our supporters.
"What I did say was that we had a problem with youngsters congregating outside the stadium nearly every night but by no stretch of the imagination are they football or stock car fans."
Cowden fans will readily endorse their chairmans's comments as the problems caused by under-age drinking are well known in the town and it is not just the Central  Park area which is affected.

Derby defeat

Brian Welsh got off to an unhappy start as the new boss of the Blue Brazil when Raith Rovers took revenge for their earlier derby drubbing by winning 2-1at Central Park on Saturday.

Once again Cowden failed to take their chances in front of a season-best crowd  of 1487 while poor defending allowed Raith to score their first win under ex-Central Park gaffer Gary Kirk.

There was even worse news for Cowden when star man Markus Paatelainen was taken to hospital after a clash with a Raith defender.

After an early scare, Cowden almost took the lead with a superb looping header from Pat Clarke but Raith keeper Brown saved brilliantly.

Then they had a golden opportunity to open the scoring just before the interval when Liam Buchanan raced through unchallenged on Brown but sliced his effort wide of the target.

Former Cowden cult hero Armand Oné broke the deadlock after 62 minutes with a near-post glancing header after the Blue Brazil had gifted possession in their own half.

It took Cowden just two minutes to get back on level terms. Martyn Fotheringham, who had replaced Margaro Gomis at the interval, released Laurie Ellis on the left wing with a precision pass and the resultant cross was driven into the net by ex-Raith man Pat Clarke.

Cowden skipper Innes Ritchie was unlucky to see his header from a corner kick bounce off the bar as his side pressed for the winner.

Unfortunately, poor defensive work allowed Hjalmar Thorarinsson a free header at the other end and Rovers regained the upper hand with 17 minutes to play.

Having used all three subs, Cowden were forced to finish the match with just ten men after Markus Paatelainen was injured in a collision with a Raith defender.

Before referee Martin Sproule stopped play, Cowden almost grabbed a dramatic equaliser when Martyn Fotheringham side-footed a Scott Dalziel cross goalwards but Brown clawed the ball to safety.


Brian Welsh is new Blue Brazil boss

Former Hibs, Dundee United and Cowden star BrianWelsh has been named as the new boss of the Blue Brazil.

Championship-winning manager Mixu Paatelainen resigned  to take charge of Turku in his Finnish homeland a fortnight ago and since then coaches Michael Renwick and Steve McLeish have taken charge of the Cowden squad.

Now the Central Park directors have decided to hand the reins over to Welsh, who has supervised the widely-acclaimed Cowden youth development programme in recent seasons.

New boss Welsh faces a baptism of fire as his first game in charge is the Fife derby against Raith Rovers at Central Park on Saturday.  


Fans tribute to Mixu

Cowden fans were absolutely stunned by manager Mixu Paatelainen's shock resignation before the match against Ayr United at Central Park on Saturday.

The former Finnish internationalist steered the Blue Brazil to their first title success for 67 years when the Third Division championship trophy arrived at Central Park in April.

Many fans rate Mixu as the best-ever Cowden manager and there is no doubt the popular figure will be sorely missed at Central Park.

Web sites have been swamped with tributes from Blue Brazilians keen to thank Mixu for his outstanding achievements in a memorable year at the club.

Stirling share points

After a blank day at Stranraer, the Blue Brazil bounced back to earn a well-deserved 2-2 draw against second-placed Stirling Albion in front of 693 fans at Central Park on Saturday.

All the goals came in an entertaining first half, starting with an extremely soft penalty awarded against Innes Ritchie after only eight minutes.

Chris Aitken duly despatched the dubious award but Cowden soon fought back in the best possible way by netting twice inside a minute.

Firstly Markus Paatelainen produced a textbook downward header from a Martyn Fotheringham corner which eluded keeper Myles Hogarth and his defence.

Then Fotheringham went one better, finding Pat Clarke with an accurate pass and then being in the right place to accept an inspired cutback and drive it low into the corner of the net.

Albion were level before the half-hour mark when they were gifted possession after Paatelainen and Gomis collided in midfield and the through ball was rattled into the net by Colin Cramb.

By contrast, the second period was a bit of a slog but there were scoring chances  at both ends, Davie Orr in the Cowden goal making a couple of great saves.

The Blue Brazil's best chances both fell to top scorer Pat Clarke and he beat keeper Hogarth all ends up only to see his efforts agonisingly go over the bar.

Cowden are now in fourth place after the first round of fixtures and could get back to winning form when they visit Alloa on October 14.

Buy your badge of honour


Now available from the Cowdenbeath Supporters Club - a unique souvenir of last season's championship success!  You saw the match, you cheered the open topped bus, you saw the flag raised, and you read the book - now wear the Badge with pride!


Following on from Cowdenbeath's historic and memorable 3rd Division title win last season, Cowdenbeath Supporters Club commissioned a commemorative badge to be struck in honour of this success. 


These badges are now available and will be on sale from this Saturday.  It is recommended fans get their badge as soon as possible as it is expected that demand will be brisk and this is a strictly limited edition badge. 


This attractive 1"/25mm diameter badge is circular in shape.  It boasts a royal blue rim which bears the legends 'Cowdenbeath FC' at the top and 'Div. 3 Champions 2005-06' at the foot inscribed in silver.  Separating the two legends are two small black diamond logos commemorating the mining roots of the town and the club formed over 125 years ago which proudly carries the nickname 'the Miners'. 


The centre section of the badge has a silver background acknowledging the silverware Cowden carried off last season.   At the top is a gold/yellow coloured trophy.  The gold denoting Cowden's 'gold medal' achievement of last season whilst yellow of course is the Blue Brazil's away colour and a link with the famous Brazil jersey.  On the left is a Finnish flag which represents the Paatelainen contribution to our success.  On the  right is a Scottish saltire representing the  Scottish League Championship flag which now flies proudly at Central Park.  Both flags of course bear the club colours. 


At the bottom of the centre section is the motto in blue lettering 'Stent Nae Stent'.  This is the Scots motto of the community and Burgh of Cowdenbeath and means 'shirk no task' or 'always give your best'.  It acknowledges that hard work and giving of your best brings just reward as it did for Cowdenbeath FC last season. 


The badges are priced at £3.50 and will be on sale from Supporters Club Treasurer David Allan at Saturday's match and thereafter. 


Orders by post can be sent to David at 41 Garvock Hill, Dunfermline Fife, KY12 7UR (e-mail daallan6754@aol.com) - Cheques payable to Cowdenbeath  Football Supporters Club and please add 40p to cover p&p. 

Cowden lose second place

After the Blue Brazil failed to beat a ten-man team for the second week in succession they will be hoping to get back amongst the goals when Stirling Albion visit Central Park on Saturday.

Last week's trip to Stranraer was billed as the game where League's best attack met the League's worst defence but Cowden failed to shine and left Stair Park on the wrong end of a 1-0 scoreline.

It was the first time in over six months that Cowden had failed to score in a League game and manager Mixu Paatelainen will have his strikers fired up to ensure there isn't a repeat on Saturday.

Stirling, however, are on the crest of a wave after a seven-match unbeaten run in the League which has seen them surge into second spot and they will be seekimg revenge for their 4-0 Challenge Cup drubbing at Central Park last month. 

Victory for Cowden would enable them to regain second place behind League leaders Morton and - as always - Mixu's men will be having a go.

Cowden fail to clinch it

The Blue Brazil had to settle for a 1-1 draw at Station Park after missing a pile of chances against bottom club Forfar Athletic on Saturday.

The Loons should have been buried before the interval as Cowden ripped them apart at set-pieces but they survived and then grabbed a late equaliser when down to ten men.

Results elsewhere meant Cowden still retain second spot behind league leaders Morton but it was definitely a case of two points chucked away at Forfar.

Gary Smith, Scott Dalziel and Dougie Hill were restored to Mixu Paatelainen's team sheet and there was further good news with Morgaro Gomis and Laurie Ellis able to make the bench.

Cowden were in command from the kick-off and only top-class saves by Premier loan keeper Sean Murdoch kept out efforts from the likes of Gary Fusco and Martyn Fotheringham.

Corner after corner created mayhem in the Forfar goalmouth but the scoreline remained blank, thanks to the woodwork which stopped headers from Innes Ritchie and Dougie Hill.

Thankfully, justice was done before the interval when Cowden went ahead with a peach of a goal as Liam Buchanan swept the ball into the net after being set up by Scott Dalziel.

Cowden continued on top after the break but slick build-up play was too often ruined by the quality of the final cross which ranged from poor to awful.

However it seemed the three points were destined for Central Park, especially after Forfar were reduced to ten men when Gary Lynn was ordered off.

But it was not to be as seconds after Murdoch had blocked a Buchanan drive the ball was belted up the park and Barry Donald headed home the equaliser.

A sickener for the Blue Brazil and their big travelling support but second place in the Second Division isn't a disaster.

Now the League's best attack meets the League's worst defence when Cowden travel to Stranraer on Saturday. Should be interesting!

Markus Paatelainen onn target again

Cowden fight in vain

The Blue Brazil failed to halt Morton's unbeaten run and the League leaders ran out 2-1 winners in the top-of-the-table clash before 1315 fans at Central Park on Saturday.

Cowden at least had the satisfaction of becoming the first team to score against the Greenock side in the League this season but it wasn't enough to halt Morton's march.

Although long-term injured Davie Hay and Dougie Hill were fit enough to join trialist Scott Bannerman on the bench, Cowden were dealt a triple blow when injuries ruled out star man Morgaro Gomis and experienced defenders Gary Smith and Laurie Ellis.

In a torrid first half dominated by Morton, Cowden deserted their normal slick-passing game in favour of lumping the ball skywards - usually in the direction of little Liam Buchanan!

After a succession of corners and a couple of cracking saves by keeper Davie Orr, Morton deservedly went ahead through a Stuart Greachen header.

What Cowden didn't deserve was to lose another goal before half-time but a series of mistakes and miskicks allowed McAllister to double Morton's advantage.

Thankfully, Cowden put up a much better display after the interval, inspired by an early goal from Markus Paatelainen.

For once the ball was played to feet, starting with a defence-splitting pass from Martyn Fotheringham to Liam Buchanan whose perfect low drive across the goalmouth was stabbed home by Paatelainen at the second attempt.

Morton were clearly rattled and started time-wasting with a full 30 minutes to go but held on to take all three points despite a grandstand finish by the Blue Brazil when they were unlucky not to snatch an equaliser.

Cowden will now try to bounce back and retain their second place when they travel to Forfar on Saturday.

The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club bus will depart for this match from Central Park on Saturday at 12.15pm.   Standard fare is £9 with a Family fare of £16 and OAPs/Junior Supporters Club members fare of £7.    Non-members pay an extra £2 over the advertised fares.  Places on the buses can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000'

Cowden in command

The Blue Brazil once again showed their great ability to bounce back from a midweek defeat by scoring a stunning 4-2 victory over Peterhead at Central Park on Sunday.

Cowden are the highest-scoring team in Britain this season and their latest demolition job sets them up perfectly for the visit of Second Division leaders Morton to Central Park on Saturday, the Cappielow side having yet to concede a League goal.

Manager Mixu Paatelainen recalled Gary Fusco, Innes Ritchie and Liam Buchanan to his side but Gary Smith was forced to sit out with a minor strain.

The Cowden goal machine went into top gear right away as a glorious pass released Liam Buchanan down the right wing after ten minutes and his textbook low cutback was swept into the net by top scorer Pat Clarke. 

Cowdenn made it 2-0 after half an hour with another stunning strike, Markus Paatelainen cleverly rolling the ball back into the path of Morgaro Gomis who floated a superb effort past keeper  Mathers from nearly 30 yards.

Although Cowden should have now been in cruise control, skipper Innes Ritchie commited a couple of fouls which enabled the visitors to draw level before the interval, Hegarty drilling home a free-kick and Linn converting a penalty.

Cowden should have restored their two-goal advantage within a few minutes of the restart as brilliant football carved open the Peterhead defence on several occasions but the final chances were either missed or blocked.

Martyn Fotheringham's free-kick had been a feature of the match and it was no surprise when one of them led to Cowden going ahead again on the hour mark.

Innes Ritchie's header had goal written all over it but Mathers somehow blocked it before justice was done when Liam Buchanan blasted the ball over the line in the scramble.

Morgaro Gomis went off with a groin strain - and an ovation from the 588 crowd - but Mixu as usual went for more goals by subbing on young striker Scott Dalziel.

His boldness was rewarded when Scott coolly side-stepped the keeper and rolled in Cowden's fourth following magnificent play by Pat Clarke.

So the Blue Brazil bandwagon rolls on, having already netted 28 goals and the promise of more to come. In fact, many many more. 

Fightback is in vain

Cowden crashed out of the Challenge Cup at Cappielow on Tuesday night but only after a magnificent fightback narrowly failed and Morton edged through on a 3-2 scoreline.

First-team regulars Gary Smith, Innes Ritchie, Gary Fusco, Scott Dalziel and Liam Buchanan were all rested from manager Mixu Paatelainen's starting line-up which saw Mark Baxter and Laurie Ellis put forward to midfield and Martyn Fotheringham drafted in as a centre-forward.

Unfortunately the Blue Brazil were a shambles in an error-riddled opening 15 minutes and they quickly went 3-0 behind - although it should be pointed out that the mistakes were by no means confined to the new players.

However full credit to the team for battling away until the interval when they received nothing but encouragement from the travelling support.

The fans loyalty was rewarded soon after the break when young Pat Clarke confidently slid home his seventh goal of the season.

Morton quickly realised they now had a fight on their hands and even started a bit of time-wasting. Then they were handed a huge bonus when their keeper caught the ball outside his area to deny the Blue Brazil a certain goal.

Incredibly ref Colum - already a legend among Cowden fans for a previous card--waving farce at Stenhousemuir last season - bottled the automatic red card decision and opted for a yellow instead.

Martyn Fotheringham bulleted home the free-kick to make it 3-2 but despite their untiring efforts they couldn't conjure up an equaliser.

And there was further disappointment when both Laurie Ellis and Graham Guy limped off injured and looking very doubtful for the visit of Peterhead on Sunday afternoon, kick-off 3pm.


Junior commitee is elected


Cowdenbeath Supporters Club is pleased to confirm that after a well-attended meeting at Central Park the new Cowdenbeath Junior Supporters Club was established.


Manager Mixu Paatelainen and Supporters Club officials came along to help out as the new Supporters Club elected its committee. 


After a keenly contested election where the candidates made their manifesto commitments and sales pitches the following committee members were duly elected.  Robbie Dair (Chairman), Dawn Bett (Secretary), Alan Dow (Treasurer), Scott Duthie, Stuart Duthie, David Hershaw and Grant Allan.

Late double sinks local rivals

A fabulous Cowden support approaching the 1000 mark went wild with joy as the Blue Brazil blew away derby rivals  Raith Rovers at Stark's Park on Saturday.

The final 3-1 scoreline was no more than Mixu Paatelainen's men deserved after they totally outclassed a Raith team introduced by the match announcer as 'Fife's finest!'

The start was delayed to let the crowd in but Cowden were on fire from the kick-off and it was no surprise when Pat Clarke blasted them into an early lead following a corner taken by the impressive Morgaro Gomis.

Raith were swamped as the Cowden goal hunt started in earnest and time after time the massive Central Park support were on their feet to celebrate only to see the woodwork and goal-line clearances rescue Raith.

Cowden should have been 5-0 ahead by the interval and inevitably after the break were caught by a sucker punch when keeper Davie Orr spilled a cross and Raith sub Manson slid home the equaliser. The young keeper redeemed himself with a brilliant block after Mark Baxter carved open his own defence.

Graham Guy and Kevin McBride came on for Morgaro Gomis and Scott Dalziel who had run themselves to a standstill and Cowden put in a storming finish to clinch the victory they richly deserved. 

Firstly, a well-directed Gary Smith free-kick was nodded on by skipper Innes Ritchie to Markus Paatelainen whose delicate flick crept just inside the post to spark off crazy celebrations in the stand behind the goal.

As the Raith fans poured into Pratt Street Cowden - as always - went for more goals and the icing on the cake came in the last minute.

Sublimely, it came from two players freed by Raith in the summer as Laurie Ellis sent in a perfect near-post delivery which Pat Clarke neatly turned into the net.

It's a long, long time since Cowden fans were able to sing "Are you East Fife in disguise?" at Stark's Park and Mixu's men seem more than capable of retaining their Second Division status with their attractive attacking game allied to solid defence and inspirational midfield play.

Cowden are now off to Greenock to face Morton on Challenge Cup business on Tuesday night, kick-off 7.45pm.

Supporters Club bus will leave Central Park at 5.30pm with a standard fare of £10, a family fare of £16 and OAPs/Under-12's fare of £8. Non-members pay an extra £2 over the advertised fares.

Seats can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000

Falkirk ease through

Cowden found Premier League Falkirk too hot to handle at Central Park on Tuesday night in a CIS Cup tie but the final 5-0 scoreline definitely flattered the Bairns.

The Blue Brazil competed well for a fair part of the game but three late goals produced a dismal exit from the Cup.

Cowden fans in the 1530 crowd were stunned to see skipper Innes Ritchie, top scorer Pat Clarke as well as fellow striker Scott Dalziel and defender Laurie Ellis all missing from manager Mixu Paatelainen's starting line-up.

There was an even bigger shock when news spead that the club's longest-serving player Iain Mauchlen had moved to junior side Kelty Hearts after 135 appearances in a Cowden jersey.

Falkirk eventually won in a canter but the game could so easily taken a different direction. For instance Morgaro Gomis - the best player on the park - and Markus Paatelainen carved open the Falkirk defence but the Finn's first-timer curled round the wrong side of the post with the scoresheet still blank.

Markus had an even better chance at 0-2 in the second half with just the keeper to beat but once again his effort skimmed past the post.

So after an undefeated run stretching back five months, the Blue Brazil have lost twice in four days but the growing support is totally confident Cowden will be back to winning ways when they travel to meet local rivals Raith Rovers on Saturday.

Then its off to Greenock to face Morton on Challenge Cup business on Tuesday night, kick-off 7.45pm

The Supporters Club bus will depart for the derby match from Central Park at 1.45pm picking up at Lochgelly at 1.50 approx (outside Bank of Scotland, in Bank Street). Standard fare will be £6 with a family fare of £8 and OAPs/Under-12's fare of £4.
On Tuesday the bus for Greenock will leave Central Park at 5.30pm with a standard fare of £10, a family fare of £16 and OAPs/Under-12's fare of £8. Non-members pay an extra £2 over the advertised fares.
Seats can be reserved by contacting David Allan on daallan6754@aol.com or on 01383 724000.

First defeat in five months

The Cowden juggernaut was finally derailed when the Blue Brazil went down 3-1 against Brechin City at Central Park.

Cowden made a solid start to the match and a strike from Liam Buchanan just before the interval raised a huge cheer from the large home support among the impressive crowd of 707 spectators.

But the game was to turn on its head within five minutes of the restart. Goals from former Dundee Utd stars Paddy Connolly and Grant Johnson edged City in front while Cowden struck the post through Markus Paatelainen and spurned a great chance to score when Laurie Ellis blasted over from close range.

Cowden never recovered from this setback and their attempts to get back into the game were snuffed out by the Brechin defence - ironically marshalled by former Blue Brazil promotion heroes Davie White and John Ward.

Connolly added a third for the visitors and Cowden have now lost their position at the top of the table.

Premier League Falkirk visit Central Park on Tuesday evening (7-30) to contest a CIS Cup tie. The Bairns have made a fine start to the season and the match is sure to arouse great interest.

Binos brushed aside
Cowden cruised into the second round of the Challenge Cup with a comfortable 4-0 victory over Stirling Albion at Central Park.
The Blue Brazil took the lead after 20 minutes. Martyn Fotheringham swung over a corner which was only partially cleared by the Stirling defence and Pat Clarke rifled home from the edge of the box.
Fotheringham - making his first start for Cowden - proceeded to double his side's lead in spectacular fashion, his 30-yard free kick flying into the net past the bemused goalkeeper.
The Cowden goal machine showed no signs of slowing down and Markus Paatelainen raced through the middle to slot home the third following a defence-splitting pass by Fotheringham.
The scoring was completed when the superb Margaro Gomis picked out Liam Buchanan in the box who cut the ball back for Scott Dalziel to drill into the net.
Cowden have now scored an incredible 18 goals in their first four matches and will look to continue their sparkling form when Brechin visit Central Park at the weekend

Clarke double helps Cowden demolish Ayr
Cowden's goal frenzy continued on Saturday as they hoisted their total to 14 in three games to strengthen their grip on the top of the table spot.
The 4-0 victory over Ayr United at Somerset Park was a just reward for the Blue Brazil's best display so far this season although it must be acknowledged that keeper Davie Orr did a magnificent job to earn his first shut-out.
Boss Mixu Paatelainen is rapidly establishing himself as being head and shoulders above any former Cowden manager in the modern era and his new-look side are a credit to the club.
Not only are Cowden playing an attractive attacking game, they have the ability to go for the jugular once they get ahead and always look for more goals.
On Saturday, for example, once Liam Buchanan had neatly dispatched a clever Pat Clarke pass into the net after 15 minutes, Cowden stepped up a gear and forced corner after corner, including one taken by Pat Scullion which skipper Innes Ritchie smacked against the crossbar.
To be fair Innes, who bullied 'best striker'Jerome Veraille into submission long before the  end, also had to make a goal line clearance to enable Cowden hold an interval lead.
The vital second goal was rattled into the roof of the net by Pat Clarke after a Scott Dalziel header had been blocked on the line. Clarke was immediately swamped by dozens of the 150-plus Cowden fans behind the goals before his teammates joined in the celebrations.
Cowden's slick passing game paid rich dividends and yet another through ball opened a gateway for Clarke and he produced a clinical finish to make it 3-0.
The icing on the cake came when Mark Baxter celebrated his first-ever Cowden goal with a pile-driver from the edge of the box to round off another great day for the Blue Brazil.
Next to face the Cowden firing squad are Stirling Albion who arrive at Central Park on Challenge Cup business on Tuesday night.

Cowden draw Bairns at home
Cowden have drawn yet another home tie in the CIS Insurance Cup and will now face Falkirk in the second round at Central Park on Tuesday, August 22.
The Bairns are currently flying high as joint leaders of the Scottish Premier League after their unbeaten start to the new season.
However, that won't prevent Blue Brazil manager Mixu Paatelainen telling his young side to have a go and attack the SPL full-timers in what should be an attractive tie.
In the meantime, Cowden will concentrate on their League trip to Ayr on Saturday and then yet another cup contest at Central Park when Stirling Albion arrive for a first-round Challenge Cup tie on Tuesday.
Central defenders Innes Ritchie and Gary Smith missed the 4-1 win over East Stirling in midweek but will be available on Saturday when the official Supporters Club bus will leave Central Park at 11.45am.

CHRIS HUGHES was man of the match against Shire

Hughes hits the heights
Local teenager Chris Hughes was handed his first-ever senior start and ended up scoring a double as Cowden shot down East Stirling 4-1 in the CIS Cup at Central Park on Tuesday night.
The 17-year-old centre-half - whose only previous appearance was as a last-minute sub against Albion Rovers - was also a worthy winner of the official CIS 'man of the match' champagne award.
Laurie Ellis captained Cowden in the absence of the suspended Innes Ritchie and teamed up in the heart of the defence with Hughes who came in for Gary Smith.
The new defensive set-up was rarely troubled in the first 30 minutes but Cowden were equally ineffective in the strong wind although Pat Scullion did blast a 25-yarder against the post.
Ace marksman Liam Buchanan eventually broke the deadlock when he side-footed home a Scott Dalziel cross.
That opener kicked off a Cowden goal spree and they netted three more before the interval as well as having a legitimate headed goal by Markus Paatelainen ruled out because someone else was offside.
Yet again a Scullion corner proved productive when it was knocked back by Ellis to Hughes who hammered the ball into the roof of the net before celebrating his first senior goal with an impressive somersault.
Pat Clarke soon made it 3-0 with a low left-footer before Hughes struck again by lashing the ball into the net following another Scullion corner.
The second half was a non-event for Cowden fans in the 271 crowd but the loyal Shire support at least had a goal from Carl Thywissow to celebrate.
Mark Baxter, Martyn Fotheringham and Iain Mauchlen were all subbed on for Cowden who had Guy, Gomis and Clarke booked.

Cowden's superb start
Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown unfurled the first championship flag won by Cowdenbeath FC for 69 years and then watched in wonder as the Blue Brazil stormed to the top of the League.
The Third Division champions hammered Alloa Athletic 6-1 in an incident-packed opening encounter at Central Park on Saturday.
Ex-Armadale striker Scott Dalziel started his senior career where he had left off against Glenrothes Juniors in midweek and his two early goals were no more than Cowden deserved.
Pat Clarke saw his header thunder back off the crossbar as Mixu Paatelainen's men dominated the first half only to be stunned by an Alloa counter from Ross Hamilton who was a clear ten yards offside but was allowed to run in and beat keeper David Orr who had an impressive senior debut..
Cowden replied in astonishing fashion with a remarkable four-goal blitz in the five minutes before the hour mark.
Last season's top scorer Liam Buchanan started the rout when he netted at the second attempt and then Pat Scullion - whose corners had earlier provided two goals - blasted home an unstoppable free-kick to make it 4-1.
Markus Paatelainen then stepped in to put the icing on the cake with two goals inside a minute and even the Chancellor was on his feet applauding Cowden's goal feast.
Only blur on a memorable day for the crowd of 717 was the late red card shown to Cowden skipper Innes Ritchie who unwisely got involved in an unnecessary pushing match and will now miss the CIS Cup tie against East Stirling at Central Park on Tuesday night, kick-off 7.30pm.

Title flag will fly high
Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown will unfurl the first championship flag won by Cowdenbeath FC for 69 years. 
The unfurling ceremony of the Third Division championship flag will take place prior to the Blue Brazil's opening Second Division match against Alloa Athletic at Central Park on Saturday.
Club owner Gordon McDougall, the only chairman to steer Cowden to three promotions in their 125-year history, will also take part in the historic occasion.
A special booklet detailing all the ups and downs of Cowden's triumphant season has been produced by David Allan and Andy Mullen and the first batch will be on sale on Saturday.
Cowden, meanwhile, wrapped up their pre-season programme with a 2-0 victory over Glenrothes Juniors at Warout Stadium on Wednesday.
Ex-Armadale striker Scott Dalziel, who had earlier twice hit the bar, scored two goals inside a minute to clinch the victory for Cowden who missed a barrowload of chances.
Manager Mixu Paatelainen summed up the mood of all Cowden fans when he said, "Saturday can't come quick enough. We are all looking forward to the new season."

Honours even at Linlithgow
Cowden failed to hit the heights at Linlithgow on Saturday afternoon when the local junior side held them to a 1-1 draw in a pre-season friendly fixture.
Manager Mixu Paatelainen rang the changes with only keeper David Orr and defenders Innes Ritchie and Graham Guy holding their places in the starting line-up which faced First Division full-timers St Johnstone 48 hours earlier.
Chances were few and far between in a closely-fought first period but the Blue Brazil were handed a golden chance when Ryan McCallum was felled in the box just before the interval.
Unfortunately the normally reliable Iain Mauchlen made a hash of the resultant spot-kick, driving it straight at the Rose keeper and then heading the rebound over the bar.
Linlithgow put on six subs at the interval and the move paid off when they opened the scoring.
The game livened up after that and Cowden earned their draw courtesy of a perfectly-placed free-kick guided into the corner of the net by Martyn Fotheringham.
Cowden's pre-season programme will be completed at Warout Stadium in Glenrothes on Wednesday evening with a game against the local junior side, kick-off 7.30pm.
Then it is full steam ahead for the unfurling of the championship flag prior to the opening Second Division match against Alloa Athletic at Central Park on Saturday.

Every one a cracker!
Three cracking goals from Laurie Ellis, Graham Guy and Liam Buchanan enabled Cowden to secure a 3-3 draw against St Johnstone in an entertaining friendly fixture at Central Park on Thursday evening.
Teenage keeper David Orr, standing in for the injured Davie Hay who has undergone a hand operation, made a fantastic early save from a quickly-taken free-kick but Cowden were soon 2-0 behind.
A spectacular flying header by Laurie Ellis from a Graham Guy cross pulled Cowden back into the game and Guy soon squared matters with an unstoppable free-kick.
The best move of the match came right on half-time and ended with Liam Buchanan teeing up Markus Paatelainen but the Finn's effort came back off the post.
Buchanan completed a remarkable fightback when he rose majestically to head home a Pat Scullion corner and although their full-time opponents eventually equalised, Cowden emerged with a lot of credit.
Cowden - David Orr, Graham Guy, Laurie Ellis, Chris Hughes, Innes Ritchie, Gary Smith, Morgaro Gomis, Markus Paatelainen, Pat Clarke, Pat Scullion, Liam Buchanan. Subs used - Iain Mauchlen, Martyn Fotheringham and Scott Dalziel.  

Another home cup-tie
Chairman Gordon McDougall described it as 'the perfect draw' when the Blue Brazil were handed a home tie against East Stirling in the first round of the CIS  Insurance Cup.
He added "It is a game which we are obviously looking to win as it is absolutely imperative that we progress as far as possible in this sponsored tournament."
The game against Third Division Shire tie on Tuesday, August 8, will also see the upgraded Central Park floodlights in action for the first time.
Ewing is dead lucky
Local family firm Ewing Funeral Service will be the main shirt sponsors for Cowden throughout the forthcoming Second Division campaign.
Ewing (0800 783 0386) earned the right to have their name on the front of the Blue Brazil shirts after manager Mixu Paatelainen made the draw live on Kingdom FM on Monday.

Win and a draw on tour
Cowden rounded off their weekend mini-tour by being held to a 1-1 draw at Ashington on Saturday evening (reports Andy Mullen).
Star man Markus Paatelainen put the Blue Brazil ahead in 30 minutes after good work by Pat Scullion and they stayed in front until the closing minues when Iain Heron equalised for the home side. 
Earlier, an astonishing hat-trick in 16 minutes from Liam Buchanan set Cowden up for an impressive 4-0 victory over Dalbeattie Star in a friendly fixture on Friday.
Buchanan, top scorer in the Blue Brazil championship-winning side last season, struck in the third, 13th and 19th minutes to leave Star reeling.
Young Paul McBride added a fourth and also hit the bar before the interval as Cowden cruised to victory.
Cowden have drawn a cracking tie against Stirling Albion in the first round of the Challenge Cup.
The draw for the unsponsored tournament was made on a 'regional basis' with the Blue Brazil lumped in with the likes of Ross County, Elgin and Peterhead!
Luck was with Cowden, however, as they received a home tie against the Binos, a game which should be closely contested.

Mixu moves in for Morgaro
Blue Brazil boss Mixu Paatelainen has snapped up trialist Morgaro Gomis after some highly-impressive displays by the Paris-born midfielder.
The versatile Gomis, who celebrated his 21st birthday earlier this month, looked the best player on the park when Cowden took on Premier full-timers Dunfermline in a pre-season friendly at Central Park on Monday night.
Every Cowden fan was impressed by Morgaro's all-action display as he covered every blade of grass on the park as well as producing a string of great passes.
Manager Mixu Paatelainen was also impressed and moved quickly to agree a one-year deal with the former Chelsea youth signing.
Given the right encouragement from the fans, Morgaro could become a big favourite at Central Park in the coming months.

Cowden unlucky to lose
Cowden suffered the agony of conceding a last-minute scrambled winner which enabled local rivals Dunfermline to register a lucky 2-1 victory in a pre-season friendly at Central Park on Monday night.
Although missing five players through injury, the Blue Brazil made their Premier League full-time opponents look very ordinary for long periods of the game.
Graham Guy almost put Cowden ahead in the first minute with a blistering left-footer which produced the save of the match from keeper McKenzie.
A half-hit looping header from McIntyre put Pars ahead but justice was done before the interval when Cowden skipper Innes Ritchie drove home the equaliser.
There were chances at both ends in the second period but no takers until that late goal.
Cowden can take a lot of plusses from this match as they now head south to play Dalbeattie and Ashington at the weekend.
Cowden - David Hay, Graham Guy, Kevin McBride, (Darren McGregor 80), Trialist, Innes Ritchie (Chris Hughes 45), Gary Smith, Martyn Fotheringham (Trialist 60), Markus Paatelainen, Ryan McCallum, Pat Clarke, Liam Buchanan. Unused subs: Lukas Krobot, Paul McBride, Pat Scullion and David Orr. 
Attendance - 675

Home start for the champs
Third Division champions Cowden will kick off their Second Division campaign at Central Park, scene of amazing celebrations when the Blue Brazil clinched their first title triumph in 67 years.
There won't be any helicopters in attendance this time, but the Cowden fans will be out in force for the opening League fixture on Saturday, 5th August.
The championship flag will be unfurled before the start of the game against Alloa Athletic.
Cowden then face a midweek Challenge Cup tie before travelling to face Ayr United on August 12th.
The New Year derby match against Raith Rovers will go ahead at Starks Park on January 2nd while Cowden wind up their season against Brechin City.
'Manager of the Year' Mixu Paatelainen is well ahead of schedule in his pre-season preparations with 21 players signed up and a full programme of friendly fixtures already arranged.

Blue Brazil volunteer army


Calling Fife's finest fans - here's everyone's chance to prove their commitment to the Cowden cause. Chairman Gordon McDougall has asked if fans would be prepared to help the club e.g in tidying up Central Park, undertaking repairs and improvements, painting, etc on a volunteer basis.


The Supporters Club has agreed to ask for volunteers names and then will go back to Gordon to see how the fans could help.


Your club needs you - please stand up and be counted. E-mail daallan6754@aol.com if you wish to be put on the list.  


Meet the manager


Cowden's Supporters Club have arranged a Meet the Manager evening with Mixu Paatelainen on Monday, 31st July, at 7.30 (venue to be confirmed). Get along to hear Mixu's thoughts on the eve of the new season. 

Accolade for Mixu
Blue Brazil boss Mixu Paatelainen has received a richly-deserved accolade for steering Cowden to their first championship success for 67 years.
League sponsors Bell's have named Mixu as the official "Manager of the Year" for the Third Division and it is an award with which no one will disagree.
Mixu - in his first-ever season as a manager - transformed a decent Central Park squad into a championship-winning outfit playing attractive attacking football.
Typically, Mixu preferred to give the credit to the players, coaches, directors and behind-the-scenes staff for the award but there is no doubt whatsoever he is THE man who won the title.
Now he is off to his native Finland for a well-earned break before facing the formidable challenge of keeping Cowden in the Second Division.

Signings still rolling in
Blue Brazil boss Mixu Paatelainen has continued to strengthen his title-winning squad for the club's Second Division campaign next season and the latest to arrive is striker Scott Dalziel from Armadale Thistle.
The big news is that Hibs star Gary Smith has agreed to step down from the Premier League to join Cowden as a player/coach.
35-year-old Smith has played a high level for more than a decade and joined his former team-mate Mixu despite interest from First Division outfits.
A delighted Mixu said, "I am  very pleased that Gary has decided to move to Central Park. He is an experienced SPL class defender and is a great capture for us. He is a hard-working and ambitious individual who will offer the club experience both on and off the park."

20-year-old striker Dalziel, who is 6ft 3in, was top scorer at Armadale last season and chose Cowden ahead of several other clubs.

Mixu said, "We have been tracking Scott for some time after he was first identified by youth coach Carlo Crolla. He has great potential and will score goals for us with the right supply"

18-year-old keeper David Orr, formerly with Stenhousemuir, who was on loan to Bo'ness last season, has also joined Cowden while former Blue Brazilian Michael Renwick has returned to Central Park in a coaching capacity.

Cowden stars on parade
Plans are currently being discussed over the possibility of Cowden's championship-winning squad leading the Cowdenbeath Civic Week parade on Saturday, 1st July.
The Blue Brazil's first title victory in 67 years will also be marked by a yearbook-style publication written by club programme producers Andy Mullen and David Allan.
Author Ron Ferguson, a lifelong Cowden fan, is also writing a book about an  unforgettable seasonn for everyone at Central Park.
Meanwhile, on the playing side, manager Mixu Paatelainen is maintaining his policy of recruiting emerging young talent with the arrival of 21-year-old Pat Clarke from Raith Rovers and 23-year-old Martyn Fotheringham from Montrose.

Hall of Fame honour for champs

CELEBRATION time for Cowden's championship-winning heroes

Club chairman Gordon McDougall, manager Mixu Paatelainen and the entire Cowden title-winning squad have been elected to the Blue Brazil Hall of Fame by the official supporters club.
This honour will please every Cowden fan, coming a few days after the Blue Brazil bravehearts clinched the club's first championship title success in 67 years.
A nervy but historic 2-1 win over Elgin City was enough to send the 2646 crowd - a record for the Third Division this season - wild with delight.
While they awaited the arrival of the helicopter delivering the Bell's championship trophy, the jubilant players celebrated by climbing the Racewall to dance with the fans on the terracing.
An early strike by top scorer Liam Buchanan sent Cowden on their way and settled the nerves. Cult hero Armand Oné added a second just after the interval and the Blue Brazil supporters began their title celebrations.
A goal by Elgin's Nelson meant a nervous final 20 minutes for Cowden even after the visitors had Gardiner sent off for decking Kevin McBride.
Justice was done, however, when Cowden completed their fourth win of the season over the Highlanders to set the terracing and stands into singing mode.
The celebrations lasted long into the night after manager Mixu Paatelainen and his squad were given a heroes' welcome at the supporters end of season dance in Wee Jimmies.
After seeing his wee brother Markus lift both the 'players player' and 'fans player' awards, boss Mixu took time to congratulate his whole squad on their commitment, quality and fighting spirit..
He singled out young Paul McBride's equaliser at East Stirling as a significant milestone in the 11-game unbeaten run which led to the title success.
Star of the show at the awards ceremony was the big yin himself, Armand Oné, who charmed his way into the hearts of  everyone present.
Armand, who won the award for best individual performance, confessed,  "Three months ago I had no club, no team and no fans. Now I have a championship medal and I am one happy man."
That, of course, sparked off the 127th chorus of  Oné Oné Oné Oné ..... which was equalled only by There's Only Three/Four Paatelainens.
Markus thanked the Cowden fans not only for the trophies but for their support following the horror injury which almost ended his career.
The fans were also praised by manager Mixu who said, "Today was fantastic but we will also remember those who travelled week in, week out to support us. We may not be the biggest club in Britain but that does not stop us having some of the best supporters."

The annual awards

Markus Paatelainen is Third Division ''Player of the Year''

Three of the best for Markus!
Cowden star Markus Paatelainen completed an unforgettable weekend when he was named as the Third Division 'Player of the Year' at the annual SPFA awards ceremony.
Only 24 hours earlier the talented Finn had made his first start for months following a horror injury and helped Cowden to their first championship success for 67 years.
Then he attended the Supporters Club annual dance where he was a very popular winner of both major awards - the fans and the players best 'player of the year' trophies.
A truly remarkable hat-trick for 23-year-old Markus, one of the best players ever to wear a Blue Brazil jersey.



Following the wonderful afternoon of celebration and emotion at Central Park, the partying continued with a vengeance on Saturday night as Cowden fans, officials, and players gathered to enjoy a jubilant gala evening at Wee Jimmies as the Cowdenbeath Supporters Club hosted its annual awards ceremony.  The only sadness was that our old friend Willie Anderson had not been spared to enjoy this great championship day. 


The fans raised the roof when Mixu and his team entered the Hall with the 3rd Division Championship trophy.  They were welcomed by Supporters Club Chairman Dave Tuson who thanked them on behalf of those present for a thrill of a lifetime experience.  Many a fan then had the thrill of being photographed with Mixu and the team together with the trophy. 


The main award of the evening as always was the Cowdenbeath Supporters Club Player of the Year trophy sponsored by the Central Fife Times.  To raucous acclaim this was won by Cowden's Finnish footballing star Markus Paatelainen who would go on the following night to win the accolade of Player of the Year for the SFL 3rd Division from his fellow pros.  John Ward was runner up with skipper Innes Ritchie in third place. 


Markus Paatelainen also received the acclaim of his Cowden teammates when he was awarded the Eric Mitchell Players Player of the Year Trophy with Kevin McBride as runner-up.  Further silverware came Markus's way when he collected the Blue Brazil online Fans Player of the Year award and received the Willie Anderson Trophy (named in honour of the late Willie Anderson). 


Liam Buchanan won the Hooky Leonard Trophy awarded to the club's top goalscorer as well as the John Finlay Trophy for the young player of the year.  Dougie Hill was runner up to Liam in the poll for young player of the year with Ryan McCallum third..  


The One Stop Mortgages Trophy for the goal of the season was awarded to Mikko Paatelainen for his memorable long range goal at Central Park v Queen's Park when Cowden won 6-0.  Runner-up was Darren Gribben for his goal v St Johnstone while Dougie Hill's vital effort at Stenhousemuir was third favourite.


 John Ward was honoured by the fans by being voted Junction Bar Members' favourite Player of the Season.  Armand Oné picked up the Pollock Shield for the Best Individual Performance of the season for his hat trick display v East Stirling. 


The Blue Brazil online Player of the Year Trophy (the Willie Mercer Trophy) was awarded to goalkeeper Davie 'the Cat' Hay with Gary Fusco as runne-up.  The Joe Ferguson Trophy for the Blue Brazil online Young  Player of the Year was presented to Mark Baxter by Joe's son Sandy Ferguson.


The Lord Ewing Shield sponsored by the BLCC for Cowden supporter of the year was awarded to lifelong fans Sandy and Ron Ferguson.


Manager Mixu Paatelainen took the opportunity to congratulate his whole squad on their commitment, quality, sheer mental strength and fighting spirit.


As for the fans, he said, "Today was fantastic but we will also remember those who travelled week in, week out to support us. We may not be the biggest club in Britain but that does not stop us having some of the best supporters."


Mixu also paid a warm tribute to club chairman Gordon McDougall as did club secretary Tom Ogilvie.  Many of the players too had the opportunity to say a few words. 


Armand Oné was delighted to say - "Three months ago I had no club, no team and no fans. Now I have a championship medal and I am one happy man." 


A year ago at this same event skipper Innes Ritchie said "I would like to see a promotion party next year".  His (and the fans) dream came true and as Innes said "Take a look on Sky when the League table comes up and you'll see a little (c) after Cowden's name - that means CHAMPIONS."


The full list of prize-winners was as follows:
Supporters Club Player of the Year: Markus Paatelainen

Player's Player of the Year: Markus Paatelainen

Supporters Club Young Player of the Year: Liam Buchanan

Blue Brazil On-line Player of the Year: David Hay

Blue Brazil On-line Young Player of the Year: Mark Baxter

Blue Brazil On-line Fans Player of the Year: Markus Paatelainen

Star Trophy: John Ward

Best Individual Performance of the Season: Armand Oné

Best Goal of the Season: Mikko Paatelainen

Supporter of the Year: Joint winners - Ron Ferguson and Sandy Ferguson

Function is sold out
The Cowdenbeath Supporters Club annual Player of the Year function at Wee Jimmies this Saturday is now a complete sell-out! 
Only those with tickets or who have already reserved tickets will be able to gain admission on the night. 
Demand has been so heavy it's likely the club could have filled the hall twice over!

Title within reach
The Blue Brazil bravehearts are now on the brink of clinching the club's first championship title success in 67 years.
That simple statement will have the fans flocking to Central Park for the final game of the League programme on Saturday.
The fact that opponents Elgin City are themselves still in the promotion play-off picture only adds spice to the final fixture which will be watched by Central Park's biggest attendance of the season.
Any Cowden fan - and indeed manager Mixu Paatelainen - would have settled for a promotion play-off place earlier this season but now everyone would love to see a victory on Saturday which would guarantee the title.
Cowden are currently on a ten-game unbeaten run which has been achieved through guts and commitment as well as tactics and skill.
The squad spirit has shone through and it has been equalled by the non-stop support from the terracing and stands.
The loss of ever-present defender John Ward through suspension is a blow to Mixu's men but the return of inspirational star Markus Paatelainen is definitely a timely bonus.
Now only 90 nail-biting minutes stand between Cowden and glory.
Let's hope the sun shines on the cowshed!

Hampden heroes!
Urged on by the majority of the 1247 fans at Hampden on Saturday, the Blue Brazil bravehearts are still on course for their first championship title in 67 years.
But the 2-2 draw against an enterprising
Queens Park side came a price as ever-present skipper John Ward was red-carded by inept referee Ian Frickleton for two innocuous challenges.
These Cowden youngsters, however, never accept defeat and twice fought back from a goal down to stretch their remarkable unbeaten run to ten games.
So the scene was set for the final championship showdown against Elgin City on Saturday but not before Cowden fans had suffered a thousand agonies.
Nerves were there in abundance from the start and the shaky start enabled Mark Ferry to put Queens ahead. Top scorer Liam Buchanan levelled after good work by Graham Guy but another defensive lapse allowed David Weatherston to restore Queens lead in their next attack.
David McKenna, who had earlier forced keeper Mark Cairns into a spectacular stop with a dipping volley, hit the post from a few feet after Liam Buchanan had split the home defence wide open. 
Armand Oné smashed home a second  equaliser right after the break - his first away goal - and Cowden at last took a solid grip on the game.
But that all changed with the dismissal of stopper John Ward for a second controversial booking and there is little doubt that ref Frickleton's decision changed the game.
Cowden were put on the back foot and were forced to defend desperately for the final 30 minutes. Keeper Davie Hay made some super stops but credit must go to the whole team who ran themselves into the ground.
Boss Mixu Paatelainen pushed on three subs, including younger brother Markus, and the point earned kept Cowden at the top of the League.      

Fans head for Hampden
Cowden can already boast the biggest travelling support in the Third Division but Blue Brazilians will be out in even greater numbers at Hampden on Saturday.
A tremendous hat-trick by Armand Oné and another deadly double from David McKenna in the 5-0 win over East Stirling strengthened Cowden's bid for their first championship title in 67 years.
Now the next stop is Hampden on Saturday to face Queens Park who themselves are still in the promotion race.
It should be another pulsating 90 minutes for the Central Park side but  they will be assured of non-stop backing from the hundreds of  Blue Brazil fans heading for Hampden. Supporters can book their seats at daallan6754@aol.com or phone 01383 724000. Departure time is 12.30pm.
If ever there was a need for EVERY Cowden fan to make the effort to attend, then Hampden is the place to be this Saturday.
Blue Brazil boss Mixu Paatelainen has never been slow to stress how much the vocal backing means to his young team, especially in recent away matches at Stenny and Shire when they went a goal down before fighting back.
Now he asking for maximum backing in the final two games at Hampden and Central Park.
His players, of course, will also be giving 100percent as usual but he stressed they will have to remain focussed, explaining "The players must never stop concentrating on the quality of their own performance - that is what matters."
All Cowden fans enjoyed the news that Markus Paatelainen is back in full training and has reached the short list for Third Division 'player of the year' along with Jordan Smith, Chris McGroarty and Colin Cramb.
So the title dream lives on as both players and fans prepare to dig deep for the final push. 

A tremendous treble for Armand Oné, yet another deadly double from David McKenna and a five-star display from Liam Buchanan edged Cowden another step nearer the Third Division title on Saturday.
The Blue Brazil strike trio took centre stage as they engineered a 5-0 victory over bottom club East Stirling at Central Park while championship rivals Berwick and Stenhousemuir both dropped points.
After an impeccably-observed minute's silence in tribute to legendary local fan Willie Anderson who had died earlier in the day, Cowden set about the Shire with an abundance of commitment and energy.
Corner after corner (13 in the first half alone) produced plenty of problems for the Shire defence but no goals, although Dougie Hill had one effort cleared off the line.
Cowden did earn an interval lead when Armand Oné and Liam Buchanan combined to set up David McKenna who swept the ball home from 12 yards.
Big Armand Oné settled the nerves right after the break when he powered home a Buchanan cross and he went on to complete his hat-trick by nodding in a Kevin McBride corner at the near post and then forcing another Buchanan pass over the line.
No wonder Central Park's biggest League crowd of the season gave Armand a standing ovation when he was subbed off - although he was quickly back on the pitch at the end to claim the match ball!
Midfielder Mark Baxter was unlucky not to notch his first-ever Cowden goal when his fierce drive beat Shire keeper Derek Jackson but rebounded off the post.
David McKenna, who had earlier seen  Jackson make a wonder save from his point-blank volley, completed the scoring by grabbing his fourth double in the last six games. 
Blue Brazil gaffer Mixu Paatelainen said after the game, "That was more like the standard of performance I expect from my team. I am happy."
Mixu, however, knows that sterner opposition awaits his side than the Shire who never once threatened despite the promptings of former Cowden boss John Brownlie.   

Spirit of Cowden!
Make no mistake, if you could bottle the spirit shown by Cowden in recent weeks and sell it on E-bay, you would be a millionaire.
The Blue Brazil bravehearts have overhauled Stenhousemuir's gigantic 11-point lead by embarking on a seven-game unbeaten run to surge to the top of the table.
No praise is high enough for the whole squad who have shrugged off the loss of superstar Markus Paatelainen and - more recently - inspirational skipper Innes Ritchie to keep their title bid right on track.
The team which finished off Saturday's 2-1 victory over Albion had an average age of only 21 but what they lack in experience they make up for in sheer guts and determination.
This has been proved in their last four games when they have gone behind but still managed to battle back to extend the unbeaten sequence.
Manager Mixu Paatelainen has marshalled his resources superbly ever since he arrived at Central Park as a rookie boss and his positive outlook has pleased the fans no end.
Mixu, typically, prefers to praise the players, saying "Their focus and commitment have been second to none and they have earned top place."
Now only three tests stand between Cowden and their first championship success in 67 years - a home game against Shire on Saturday, then a trip to Hampden before the Central Park finale against Elgin City.
Cowden fans have been magnificent this season, staying behind the team when things dont go to plan and then  encouraging their heroes to battle back.
A play-off place has been secured, now it's do-or-die for the title. Roll on Saturday!

Top of the League!
Cowden charged into top spot in the Third Division thanks to a glorious fightback against Albion Rovers at Central Park on Saturday.
With Berwick beating previous leaders Stenhousemuir, the Blue Brazil's 2-1 victory over Albion pushed them ahead of the pack with just three games to go.
But it took a tremendous quick-fire double from loan star teenager David McKenna to extend Cowden's unbeaten run to seven matches and lift his personal tally to nine goals in just 14 games.
Graham Guy and Kevin McBride were fit again but Gary Fusco was suspended while a thigh injury cost keeper Davie Hay his ever-present record.
Manager Mixu Paatelainen was again forced to shuffle his starting line-up but once more Cowden made an  unimpressive start, despite the promptings of an in-form Mark Baxter.
Top scorer Liam Buchanan should have settled the nerves with an open goal but keeper Gary McGlynn blocked his effort and worse was to follow when slack defending allowed Scott Chaplain to give Albion an interval lead.
The good news from Berwick spurred the Blue Brazil on but calmness in front of goal was sadly lacking as chances went abegging, especially two openings carved out for Iain Mauchlen and David McKenna.
All was forgiven, however, when McKenna rifled home two goals inside three minutes to send his team to the top  of the League.
Recalled keeper Andy Carlin engineered the first with a driven clearance which McKenna latched on to before driving home from the edge of the box.
McKenna soon afterwards hit the winner after good work by Darren McGregor
and Liam Buchanan to edge Cowden closer to their first championship success for 67 years.
Boss Mixu even subbed on teenagers Paul McBride and Chris Hughes, the latter making his senior debut, as the Central Park faithful celebrated in style. 

Stenny are slaughtered
The streets of Stenhousemuir were  bouncing on Saturday afternoon as hundreds of  Blue Brazil fans celebrated their team's 2-1 victory over the league leaders.
Forget the scoreline - Cowden were in complete command and a six-goal winning margin would have been a better reflection of a one-sided game.
Having said that, it took a brilliant block by keeper Davie Hay in the final minutes to preserve Cowden's 100 per cent record over their last five games.
Both teams made a nervy start but Mixu Paatelainen's men were soon on top with Iain Mauchlen unlucky to see his angled lob bounce back off the far post.
Stoppers John Ward and Dougie Hill had the top-scoring strikeforce in the Third Division in their back pockets so it was a major surprise when Stenny took the lead when a linesman ruled that Mercer's effort had crossed the line.
Cowden stormed back and yet another superb corner from Kevin McBride again caused utter panic in the home defence. Armand One eventually rolled the ball back to Dougie Hill who blasted it high into the net from 12 yards.
It was his first-ever goal for Cowden and he celebrated in style as did the fans, delighted to see their heroes go in at the interval on level terms.
The vocal Coo boys went delirious soon after the break when on-fire Liam Buchanan slammed home a rebound from a narrow angle - his 15th goal of the season.
From then on Stenny were absolutely slaughtered by a rampant Cowden side who peppered the home goal only to see lucky saves, good saves, goal-line clearances and chalked-off goals keep the score at 2-1.
The home fans realised their team were being outclassed all over the park and started drifting away long before the final whistle.
The Cowden support, in contrast, stayed right behind their team from beginning to end, a fact which inspired their team to fight for every ball for every second of the game.
Now the same lung-bursting efforts from both players and supporters will be required in the final five games if the Blue Brazil are to capture their first championship title for 67 years.

Beath brains best again
Cowden fans retained the Fife Shield in a thrilling finish to the annual general knowledge quiz staged in Torleys in Lochgelly on Friday night.
The Allan family, aided by Andy Mullen and Shaw Crichton, topped the final table on 162pts with long-time leaders Lochore Welfare runners-up on 160pts and the Fraser trio of Blue Brazil fans in third place with 159 points.

Dedicated to supporting Cowdenbeath FC - the mighty Blue Brazil